Bite Size Memoir – It Made My Day!

Over the years, I’ve accompanied students on many eventful trips all over the world; some got lost, one travelled sans passport, another landed in the pilot’s cabin, lots got drunk, others saw ghosts… Honestly, I could write a book!

The most memorable trip was to Italy with eighty mischievous adolescents who had made a pledge not to sleep while away from home. Our final stop was Venice. We arrived late at night to El Lido, and planned to take the ‘vaporetto’ and visit Venice that very night. Swollen legged, sick, fed up, and furious, I demanded my sleep, but they refused to leave me behind. 

Suddenly, it happened. As we were approaching the pier, I saw Venice for the first time, and as if I’d been abducted by a Venetian spirit, I sighed and thought, ‘I’ve seen it. This is the most beautiful place in the world.’


This Photo was taken by Wolfgang Moroder.

This Photo was taken by Wolfgang Moroder.


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10 thoughts on “Bite Size Memoir – It Made My Day!

  1. Venice is high on my wish list and this little bite is only whetting my appetite further! The light in the photo is almost seductive isn’t it, almost as if Italy has ‘special’ light!

    As for the lack of sleep and being accompanied by 80 teenagers trying to go without sleeping, I dare not extrapolate my one sleepless night due to Max and 6 friends ‘pulling an all-nighter’.
    I cannot do no sleep very well at all and feel for you and feeling sick with it!
    Venice must have been one amazing sight to make that day!

    Lisa 😀

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    1. I vividly remember thinking the whole trip had been worthwhile just for that sight. Then we took a ride on a gondola..trully breathtaking. I’ve been back twice, and Venice is still one of my top 5! But I’ll never forget that first impression!
      It’s (or was) actually great fun travelling with teenagers, but you need the stamina and patience!
      I moved on to reach adults and undergraduates because I just lost the energy and patience for teenagers.
      I’m really enjoying my grandchildren ‘though!

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  2. Lovely post, Lucy. I was lucky enough to go to Venice in 1989 for my wedding anniversary that year (five years married).

    My cool wife (above), looking very Venetian, all sultry and cool, was in fact trying desperately not to throw up with morning sickness. She managed it, just.

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  3. Can’t see pic on my phone. Will try later on PC. I’ve been there 3 times, but never with my husband:( we keep planning to go together, but somehow it’s never worked out… yet!


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