#PhotoOfMyLife Day3 Lentil Soup

Picture taken at a restaurant in Cantabria, Spain, a few days ago.

I haven’t eaten much meat for over thirty years, for no environmental, health, religious or ethical reason, I just don’t like it much. 

That means I eat a lot of fruit, nuts, vegetables and pulses. In fact, the lentils in the picture above are one of my favourite foods, and they’re really easy to make.

There are small and tiny brown lentils. I prefer the small ones, but you can use either.

There are plenty of recipes for lentil soup or stew, this is how I make it.

Rinse the lentils in a colander, you’ll need half a cup per person, be generous, you can eat the leftovers a day or two later. 

Add three times the amount of water to a large pan. So, if you are cooking for two and use 1 whole cup of lentils, you need to add three cups of water. You can add more later on if it gets too thick.

Now add the vegetables, chopped into small pieces. For 2 people I’d include two carrots, half an onion, a clove of garlic, half a red and green pepper and some spinach.

There are four magical ingredients I add for flavour, a Spanish spicy sausage, called chorizo, a bay leaf, two spoonfuls of olive oil, and a stock cube (meat is best, but you can use a vegetable one, too).

If you don’t like or can’t get hold of the sausage, you can use come curry powder, or paprika, for flavour instead.

Now comes the easiest part, simmer for about 40 minutes, stiring occasionally.

If you’re in a hurry, you can use the pressure cooker. It’ll probably take less than 10 minutes.

However, you should know that lentils are best cooked slowly, and they’re delicious when reheated, so if you cook the day before, or even in the morning, they taste much better.

Another important part of the meal is the wine, I prefer a Spanish white, Rueda, but most people would accompany this meal with red wine, such as Rioja.

Resultado de imagen de lentils italy new year

Did you know that in Italy lentils are said to bring prosperity for the year ahead when eaten on New Year’s Day?

Any questions?

Do you like or cook lentils? Feel free to share your tips or recipe if you do!

#SixWordSaturday ‘Who misses shady trees in November?’ #StreamOfConsciousnessSaturday

Who Misses Shady Trees in November?

Passers by sit and chat or rest

On those empty benches,

In summer,

Under the shade of sturdy trees.

Not now.

Today they’re walking on puddles

Under a cloudy sky,

In autumn,

Or sitting indoors, by the fire,


For the sun to shine for a while,

as it might tomorrow,

Or later.

No one misses the shady trees,

At all.

I took both photos last week in Cantabria, Spain.

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#PhotoOfMyLife Day2 Cantabria #Spain #Tanka

Ice cold mountain stoops,

Peering down at autumn leaves,

Waiting patiently,

For spring to dress them once more

With flowers and leaves galore.

The rules for this Twitter Challenge: no people, no explanations and challenge one new person every day. I was challenged by @GeorgiaRoseBook check out her blog.

I challenge @BookClubMom check out her book blog.

As I already told you, I’m terrible at following rules, so not only have I written a tanka, now I’m going to tell you all about the picture!

I was here, for a freezing week, a few days ago. It’s a cold, but beautiful part of the north of Spain, where my mother and her family originally came from. There is a skiing resort nearby (see photo below), but I just visit for the scenery!

#PhotoOfMyLife Day1 Christmas Tree #Haiku

Look! Light bulbs galore,
Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree,
Where have your leaves gone?

Day 1 ~ #PhotosOfMyLife Rules: no people, no explanations and challenge one new person every day.

I was challenged by
@GeorgiaRoseBook check out her blog

I challenged
@Annecdotist check out her blog

I’m terrible at following rules, so not only have I written a haiku, now I’m going to tell you all about the picture.

I took it earlier today, when I was shopping with my grandson. It was standing outside a large department store, greeting passers by and shoppers.

I love these artificial trees, made of elaborate, coloured lights, but I love real trees too!

Which Christmas trees do you prefer?

#SundayThoughts Free for a while!

Free for a while!

Dark night is over,

Long journey’s ending,

Lights shining at tunnel’s end

Inspire final sprint.

Look around, rejoice, breathe, smile,

Then hold on, curves lie ahead!

Sunday afternoons and evenings have always seemed a bit boring, no going out or having fun, doing last minute homework when I was a student, or preparing classes when I was teaching, and ironing for the week ahead when the kids were young…

Now it’s just a quiet day for having lunch with friends or family, resting, reading, watching Christmas themed films and thinking how lucky I am that I’m not fretting about Monday.

The perks of early retirement after 39 years a teacher!

Hope you’re having a restful Sunday!

#SoCS #Streamofconsciousness #Saturday Christmas Presents #Haiku

I love this flyer, well it’s a brochure really, with the kid’s mother and grandmother, but where are the men in the family???

Christmas Presents

Flyers everywhere,

Come buy our toys on offer!

Children’s paradise.

It’s the time for toys! Parents, and in my case grandparents, spend hours searching for the perfect Christmas present in flyers and shops, asking children to write letters to Santa and promising he’ll bring the selected presents, of course.

I’ve always had mixed feelings about this pretence, although I’ve mostly played along. I’m no Scrooge!

I know from my children and grandchildren that they love the anticipation and surprise, and when they’re very little, I’d say under 5 or 6, they tend to believe in the fairy tale, and that’s sweet, but, there comes a time when they no longer believe in magic, and yet, both parents/grandparents and children keep up the pretence for a few more years, just because….they can….they both agree to play along….

I’m not sure, even today, as I wrap my grandchildren’s presents (yes, I bought them early on special offer! I have four grandchildren!), how I feel about this. I mean the idea that you ask for something, wait for the set date and get it, or not, on Santa’s whim. What about preparation, effort, and hard work rewarded? Where does that come into the equation?

Although most parents/grandparents threaten to tell Santa if the kids are naughty and don’t deserve a present, but do they do so, or even intend to do so?

Christmas presents for adults are a different story, altogether, but more about that in another post.

Stream of Consciousness rant over.

How do you feel about Christmas presents for children?

By the way, this post was written in response to Linda Hill’s weekly prompt, pop over to her blog and join in or read other entries. The topic for today is flyer/ad