Blood Moon at Eyre Hall: Book One in The Eyre Hall Series is available for Preorder on Amazon!

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The Eyre Hall Series by Luccia Gray

The Eyre Hall Series will shortly be available in ebook and paperback

Readers are invited to rediscover the mystery and magic of a Victorian Gothic Romance set in Eyre Hall, the mansion Jane Eyre rebuilt after her marriage to Edward Rochester.

This breathtaking series chronicles the lives of the residents of Eyre Hall from the beginning to the height of the Victorian era.

Blood Moon at Eyre Hall is Book One of the Eyre Hall Series

Relive the mystery and magic of Jane Eyre in this thrilling Victorian Gothic Romance.

Twenty-two years after her marriage to Edward Rochester, Jane is coping with the imminent death of her bedridden husband, and the revelation of his unspeakable secrets. A disheartened Jane believes matters cannot get worse until an unexpected visitor brings news of Bertha Mason, the first Mrs Rochester, which add to Jane’s devastation, as the ghosts of Thornfield Hall return to torment her.

All Hallows at Eyre Hall is Book Two of the Eyre Hall Series. 

While Jane is coping with the imminent death of her bedridden husband, Richard Mason has returned from Jamaica to disclose more secrets and ruin her happiness once again, instigating a sequence of events which will expose Rochester’s disloyalty to Jane, his murderous plots, and innumerable other sins. Jane will be drawn into a complex conspiracy threatening everything she holds dear.

Who was the man she thought she loved? What is she prepared to do to safeguard her family and preserve her own stability?

Twelfth Night at Eyre Hall is the third volume of The Eyre Hall Series.

Following Edward Rochester’s death, Jane Eyre, who has been blackmailed into marrying a man she despises, will have to cope with the return of the man she loved and lost. The secrets she has tried so hard to conceal must be disclosed, giving rise to unexpected events and more shocking revelations. 

Romance, mystery, and excitement will unfold exploring the evolution of the original characters, and bringing to life new and intriguing ones, spinning a unique and absorbing narrative, which will move the action from the Yorkshire countryside, to Victorian London, and across the Atlantic Ocean to Colonial Jamaica.

Book Four. Thunder Moon at Eyre Hall

Book Five, Snow Moon at Eyre Hall

Book Six, Midsummer Night At Eyre Hall

Luccia Gray was born in London, where she graduated in Modern Languages. She recently took early retirement from teaching English language and literature. She lives in the south of Spain with her husband. When she’s not blogging, reading, cooking, travelling or looking after her grandchildren, she is writing suspenseful, Victorian, gothic romances. She’s currently preparing the publication of the forthcoming Eyre Hall Series.

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71 thoughts on “Blood Moon at Eyre Hall: Book One in The Eyre Hall Series is available for Preorder on Amazon!

  1. Oh my, I’m both intrigued, and at the same time having an Oh-my-God-Noooo moment. I loved Jane Eyre…the romance, the heartache… the perfect ending, I’m not sure I can cope with Rochesters betrayal… Having said that, I think intrigue may win. Looks like my (ever growing) kindle library will be getting a new addition. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh dear! I’m really sorry some people are upset with my rendering of Rochester, but although I’ve ‘invented’ some of his misdeeds in my novel, he was a liar and a scoundrel in Jane Eyre. I merely pointed it out more clearly! I’m sure he did love Jane and I hope that comes through in my novel, but his way of loving was selfish and obsessive. I’ve used Bronte ‘ s spaces to recreate a possible scenario 20 years on. Hope you enjoy it!


  2. In answer to your rafflecopter giveaway hosted by Brook Cottage Books:
    Why would you like to win a copy of the book?
    I have read and reviewed both novels in the series but would like to obtain physical copies of the novels in order to re-read them later. I enjoyed both thoroughly and would like to have a collection of them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There’s plenty of backstory in my novel, so you don’t need to reread Jane Eyre first, although It’s a wonderful novel to read and reread 🙂 In fact, I hope my novels encourage people to do so. I love ando respect Jane, but Rochester has a hard time in my interpretation.


    1. It was a free App. It was some time ago, so I can’t remember the name. I’ll look it up and if I find it I’ll let you know. I agree, life’s short, so there’s no point in reading books which aren’t your type:) I generally read the ‘look inside’ pages and decide. Thanks for dropping by.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Graduate school ruined my reading for anything but how-to books. The first two years, I didn’t even open a book, since I was too busy checking and rechecking the psychology books that helped me do my job! But it’s great to see others can make a living from writing novels! Love the night capture you show here!


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