Review Policy

I love reading and reviewing books. I’m especially interested in neo-Victorian and historical fiction. I also love women’s fiction and romantic novels, mysteries, and thrillers. I sometimes enjoy crime fiction which is not too violent. For a more detailed account of genres have a look at Anne R. Allen’s Blog entry on the subject.

I’m not keen on fantasy, science-fiction, horror, adventure, YA, or erotica, but I never say never before having a look at the beginning of a novel and the blurb. I’m prepared to read anything that draws me into the story. I love character driven stories.

I will write an honest review, but I will only review your book if I like it and have something positive to say, because I read for pleasure and intellectual stimulation, and if a book doesn’t offer me one or the other, I will not finish it, or review it, but I will let you know my opinion personally and privately.

I’m also perpared to beta read final or ‘almost final’ drafts.

I do not proof read for spelling, typos, or grammar, although I will let you know if I spot any.

I will tell you how I feel about characterisation, plot, structure, and writing style.

Finally, in spite of being an avid reader and writer (and College professor), my opinions are subjective. They are the product of who I am, what I think and believe, what I have lived and read, and what I expect from a novel. The fact that I like or dislike a novel does not make it good or bad. I am convinced that the value of a book is in no way related to my opinion of it alone, or anyone else’s for that matter.

I also know the writing process is neccessarily lonely and intimate, but once the work of fiction has been finished, another fresh and independent view is vital. Authors who wish to publish are not writing for themselves, they are writing for others, so their work must be ‘tested’ on other readers before it is finally published. It is advisable to have several readers, reviewers, or beta readers, who will give you constructive feedback on your novel.

If you’d like to contact me for a review, please complete thisย  contact form with the genre, length, and a short blurb.

Thanks for reading, feel free to like, share and comment!

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