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Lyra Leyton is sleeping on a friend’s couch after losing her job as an English teacher at a language school in Spain. When she receives a lucrative employment offer as home tutor and live-in nanny to 10-year-old Carla, at Rosewood Hall, in Yorkshire, she can’t believe her luck.

Life at the secluded residence is idyllic at first, until disturbing sounds from the attic, cryptic messages from an anonymous sender, and a visit from a private investigator searching for a missing girl haunt Lyra’s sleepless nights.

A panic-stricken Lyra, hands in her notice, but Carla’s widowed stepfather, who lives in London, begs her to reconsider, claiming wild animals, local gossip, and creaking noises in the ancient house have caused her unrest.

If Lyra stays, she could lose more than her mind, but can she afford to leave? And can she abandon her young pupil?

‘Whatever is done for love always occurs beyond good and evil.’

Friedrich Nietzsche

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