New Book Cover for All Hallows at Eyre Hall

As the final editing process is coming to a close, thanks to the invaluable help of my wonderful, generous and constructive beta readers: Roberta, Elizabeth, Tina and Karen (They will be getting a complete post soon because they deserve one!) I have decided to ask a professional web artist to design my cover. Thanks David Pedrera for understanding exactly what I needed. I wanted the cover to transmit a solitary, serene and mature yet concerned Jane Rochester. I also wanted to include a view of the great house she rebuilt after marrying Edward Rochester and having her first child: Eyre Hall. I love the subtle and watery colours which remind us of a damp autumn breeze, and convey an air of gothic mystery and contained illicit romance. The cover highlights a turning point in Jane’s life; a crucial moment during which unspeakable crimes will be revealed and shrouded mysteries will be uncovered. Supernatural forces will foreshadow the novel’s final climax as unexpected and forbidden romance will burst and devastate the inhabitants of Eyre Hall.  All Hallows 1

Thanks for reading, feel free to like, share and comment!

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