The Value of a Writer

Thank you, that was a wonderful post! We should never forget why we write. Thanks for reminding us.

Writings and Ruminations

While I wrote the following with “my writers” in mind, I hope you’ll see this message applicable to your heart too. Because even if one day my words grow silent, the meaning of what I say goes deeper than words. Enjoy!


Do not place your value as a writer in numbers of “likes” on a page, in numbers of sales in a statistic, in numbers of views on a blog, in numbers of stars on a review.

Your value comes from the heart of your message.  Whether told through a tale of a fictional journey or through the facts of real life events, your worth comes from your story. You embody something valuable to say about a life worth living. It doesn’t matter if 10 million people or one person reads what your heart yearns to say because if one lost soul finds his/her way back to life because of your…

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