Bite Size Memoir No.6 “First Jobs”. At the Bakery Department.

When I was at school we all had Saturday jobs. My mother wasn’t too keen at first, because she wanted me to do well at school, but I convinced her that my marks wouldn’t suffer. I had always loved big department stores, so I decided to apply for my first job at Debenhams, the biggest department store in neighbouring Harrow, which was a thirty-minute walk from my house in Wealdstone. I was about fifteen at the time. I remember filling forms, and being interviewed, and feeling quite in awe of the managers. I imagined I’d be selling designer clothes, or make up, but my first job was at the bakery department. I had to wear a uniform and a cap, which wasn’t very glamorous at all! The first day was nauseous, I was sick that evening, although I proudly took a box of leftover cakes home for my mother and my sister.  Have a look at some other posts!

12 thoughts on “Bite Size Memoir No.6 “First Jobs”. At the Bakery Department.

  1. Thanks for joining in Luccia – There are a few donuts appearing in other entries to go with your cakes! I can’t work out here whether you felt nauseous because you might have been eating them ?! Lisa x

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      1. Can’t find them despite googling – have you got a special plugin? Would love to know if you don’t mind – not every comment needs a wordy reply, does it, but it’s nice to acknowledge everyone. 😄


  2. I would have been jealous of you Luccia when I was at school. I always wanted a part time job but my parents wouldn’t let me for the same reason yours were reluctant. Mind you if I had been in the bakery department I would have been sick from eating not smelling.


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