Extraordinary things, rarely happen.

It’s the Little Things we see, hear and do every day life livable or unbearable.

Simple things become extraordinary if you let them…

These are the little things I saw this morning on my way to work which made me arrive with a smile on my face and the need to write it all down and let you know about it:

Flowers hanging from a balcony.



A narrow cobbled street with potted geraniums hanging from the whitewashed walls.



Children with satchels on their way to school.

Water trickling from a spout, filling a marble fountain in ‘Patio de los naranjos’  Orange -Tree Square, by the Mosque.



The sun struggling with playful clouds. (By the way, the sun finally managed to break through!)



Pretty necklaces in a shop window.


Someone walking his happy dog in the park.


All these things make my simple morning special!

Which are the simple things you see and do in the mornings which make your day special?

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2 thoughts on “SIMPLICITY

  1. As someone who is trying to live a minimalist life i truly loved this post. The simple things I do in the morning include: a cup of tea in bed while reading, hanging the washing on the line (an activity which I always enjoy), going to a yoga class. It really is the simple things that create a life. 🙂


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