Flash Friday Challenge (20th June, 2014)

Last Friday 20th June, was the anniversary of the first  day of Queen Victoria’s reign, although she was actually crowned a year later.

I wrote a post about The Birth of the Victorian Era for this occassion.

When I saw that the subject of the Flash Friday Challenge on 20th June was a cartoon including Queen Victoria, I decided to take part.

In case you don’t know about this challenge there’s a prompt and a word limit of 140 – 160 words.
This was the prompt for last weeks’ challenge: The picture below, and the royal command to include the concept of arrogance.


queen victoria pic

“New crowns for old ones!” –Benjamin Disraeli presents Queen Victoria the crown of India. Punch, 1876, by cartoonist John Tenniel. 


Have a look at this weeks’ winner


This was my entry:

Happy anniversary, your Majesty!

‘Happy anniversary, your Majesty!’

She yawned. ‘How kind of you to remember, Prime Minister.’

‘How could I forget, the 20th of June, 1837. A great year for Britain. The year I entered Parliament!’

She yawned.

‘Yes, a great year for the nation. Majesty, I have a very special present for you, which no other Prime Minister could give you!’

She yawned.

‘It is the Imperial Crown of India, Majesty. You will be the Empress of India.’

She yawned.

‘I am the greatest Prime Minister you have had, or will have, am I not?’

She yawned. ‘And the most arrogant.’

‘A little arrogance will help us make Britain the nation on which the sun never sets!’

‘I would give my crowns, my jewels, my castles, and the whole of India in exchange for Albert! Can you give me that?’ She screamed.

He yawned.


2 thoughts on “Flash Friday Challenge (20th June, 2014)

    1. Thanks! There’s probably some truth to the joke! I think she was very much a pawn in the hands of ambitious politicians, especially after her Albert died…


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