Bite Size Memoir “Holiday Reads”

This week Lisa at her blog, Sharing the Story, has prompted us to write about holiday reads.

Far too difficult to condense into 150 words! So I’ve just mentioned what I would have considered ‘lighter’ reading at the time, because it was not mandatory for school, college, or work.

Here’s my memoir:

When I was at school, we had a very good school library, and during the summer holidays, I was an assiduous visitor to my local library. I remember Victoria Holt’s historical fiction and biographies enwrapped me for a few summers, together with Daphne du Maurier.

At University I read mostly French and Spanish literature, and a great deal of English theatre, which was my passion, at the time. During the summer, I was probably having fun, and as far as I can remember, not reading too much.

When my three children were little, I was a working mum. I remember buying books throughout the year and storing them on a bookshelf (I do the same now, except I store them mostly on my kindle instead!), in no particular order, to read during the summer holidays. I loved detective and crime fiction, Ruth Rendell and Minnette Walters were my favourites for years.

Now, my summers are no longer holidays, I write!


The fictionalised autobiography of Marie Antoinette was one of my favourites, as a teenager.


The mysterious Jamaica Inn, was a favourite, too.


I moved on to crime fiction as a young mother, don’t ask me why! The Keys to the Street was one of my favourite.


Acid Row was the last of her novels which I’ve read (I read all her previous novels), and another favourite.



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9 thoughts on “Bite Size Memoir “Holiday Reads”

  1. You have brought back memories of my school years and a period of infatuation with Victoria Holt, Georgette Heyer, Daphne DuMaurier and Susan Howatch(?). I wonder what I would think if I were to read them now? My mother gave me the first romantic book she had read around this time as well. She had loved it and kept it because of this. Called “The Sheik” author’s name forgotten I too enjoyed it but if I had expected anything raunchy I was sadly disappointed as it was very Victorian in its outlook.I must look through my bookshelves and see if I still have it.


    1. I love rereading. It is sometimes painful, as heroes fall, other times they stand the test of time, always they give you food for thought. A book is never the same second or third…fourth time round… but it teaches us about ourselves oi


      1. I feel the same way. I try to combine rereading, often classic works, and reading new books. I’m actually writing a post on what writers should read, which I’ll be publishing soon. I’d love to know what you think about it 🙂


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