Review of ‘Death on a Red Canvas Chair’ by Noelle Granger


Noelle Granger is one of the wonderful people I’ve met in the last few months in my parallel, virtual blogging universe, and as most important things which happen in life, it was quite by chance.

I had already met a talented writer (again by chance) on Goodreads, Elizabeth Hein, who generously volunteered to beta read my first novel, and whose help was invaluable in the final version, because her wise words convinced me to alter some vital scenes. Elizabeth tagged me onto a blog hop which she in turn had been tagged on by Noelle, so I checked out Noelle’s blog, and was instantly captivated. This was in April, 2014. I remember because they were both taking part in the Blogging from A-Z Challenge, 2014.

One of the irreplaceable things ‘blogging sisters’ (as Noelle calls us) do, is read each others’ work with constructive criticism, and another important activity we take part in is to encourage and support each other on our journey into authorship, which is ultimately a journey of self-expansion and discovery. Elizabeth and Noelle both taught me all about these aspects, implicitly, by their example. They are truly wonderful blogging sisters and inspiring writers, and people.

It is no exaggeration to say that they have changed my life in the last four months, because they have disinterestedly supported me, and drawn me into the wonderful world of blogging and writing, and being supportive with others, because this is a very serious game which must be played forward, too!

After all I have said, you may be inclined to suppose that my review of her novel is biased, well, it isn’t, because I’m making a huge and conscious effort to be impartial, and give an authentic review. I’ve already said I wouldn’t review books I don’t personally enjoy reading, because there may be nothing ‘wrong’ with the book, we all have our tastes in literature, and some stories will not draw me in, which doesn’t mean other readers won’t enjoy reading them. However, if asked, I will tell the author what I think, and why, personally, not publicly.

In order not to be biased, and to make sure I cover all the aspects of the novel I should be dealing with, and to make sure I’m doing it professionally I have written a post called, What do readers need to know: 10-Point Guidelines for Reviewers’. I’m hoping these guidelines will help me, and other reviewers or writers, to cover all aspects of the novel to be reviewed, as impartially as possible.



Review of Death on a Red Canvas Chair by Noelle Granger.  5 Stars!

Death on a Red Canvas Chair is an enjoyable murder mystery, including elements of suspense, and featuring the work of forensic experts. I was drawn into the novel immediately, from the startling first scene. It was a pleasure to read, due to the well-written and vivid, flowing language, fast-paced plot, and absorbing characters.

Rhe is an unlikely and loveable heroine. She’s a hard-working nurse, police consultant, loving mother, supportive wife, and good friend. She’s the best friend or neighbor we’d all love to have. Sounds like a boring heroine, well, like the adorable Miss Marple, Rhe is anything but boring! Although she is highly regarded professionally, on a personal level, she struggles with important issues, and there are plenty of exciting moments to keep you on the edge of your seat, in a plot which is carefully woven with plenty of twists and turns!

Our heroine has first-hand knowledge of medical terms, so at times, reading is like watching an episode of CSI, but she’s also prepared to work outside the lab, and put her life at risk confronting the bad guys, in action-packed scenes.

Although the crime is finally solved, we have become so involved with Rhe and her world, that we are anxious to discover what happens to other aspects of her personal life, and are thus drawn into impatient expectation for the following book in which she will (hopefully) unravel another mystery.


Extra-short, eye-catching review!

If you love well-written and well-woven crime mysteries, with action, drama, and engaging and unexpected leading characters, you’ll enjoy reading Death on a Red Canvas Chair! It’s a great summer read, written by an author who knows her craft.


Seriously, read the first pages, and you’ll be hooked!

PPS. I forgot to tell you that I love well-plotted, murder mysteries. They are such a satisfying and exciting way to spend precious reading time… I’ll be expanding on my reasons in another post!

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