Flash! Friday – Vol 2 – 37

Todays’s photo prompt:


Marooned, by Howard Pyle, 1909. Public Domain.

Today’s Dragon’s bidding. Include the following aspect:

Word limit: 150 word story (10-word leeway) based on the photo prompt. Add your Twitter handle.

I’ve written a ghostly Flash Fiction today, inspired by the story of a marooned pirate, towards the end of the 18th century, on an Island off the coast of New Zealand, which is an exclusive tourist resort nowadays. Hope you like it!


A Good Place To Die. (160 words)

The pirate wasn’t alone. He had bread, water, and a loaded gun. He wasn’t on an island. He was on a large sand bar at low tide. He wasn’t dead. He arrogantly promised his executioners he’d never leave.

Three hundred years later, Tom accompanied the tourists to one of the most remote and unspoilt places on the planet, with golden beaches and clear, turquoise waters, exploring swimming holes, waterfalls, and following forest trails.

He told them the story of the marooned pirate who haunted the island. His gunshot is heard once a year, when the sea swallows up the island, on full blue moon tides.

Everyone shuddered when they heard the shot as they were returning to the hotel, missing one member of the group. In his vacant room, he had left a message: ‘This is s a good place to die.’

While under the submerged island, in the center of the Earth, the living dead planned their revenge.

There’s still time to post your story in comments or read the other entries.

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