Liquid Sky


Liquid sky.

Indigo melting

Quietly, sinking into the

Underworld. Colourless


Dissolving air into

Soft steel,

Kisses the sand.

You in my mind.


There are summer evenings when the sky and the sea dissolve into one. The horizon blurs. Air and liquid melt into a calm steel sea. It’s mesmerizing.

My eyes and thoughts are lost in the hazy mist, and although the stillness seems eternal, the colours slowly fade from sapphire to dark grey. Night sets in irrevocably.

The dream slips away once more…


4 thoughts on “Liquid Sky

    1. I’m definitely a beach girl, too! The colours and smoothness of the sea and sky today were exceptional. And the water was warm, too! I’m charging my batteries for work on Monday after a month at the beach 😦


      1. I’ve never had more than a week at the beach since we moved to Chapel Hill. Maybe one of these years. We built our vacation house on a lake because it is too expensive to build on the ocean and we have hurricanes on a regular basis. Lots of damage.


      2. what a pity. One of the advantages of being a teacher, in Europe at least, is that August is a holiday month! My daughter lives here, so we get to come often for weekends 🙂 A house on a lake sounds good 🙂


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