Growing Up Pilgrim

A riveting post on Plymouth, US, where blogging sister Noelle grew up. Just right for this time of year!


I love my home town and decided to take the opportunity of the upcoming holiday to tell you a little about it and also disenchant you of some of the first Thanksgiving myths. I grew up in Plymouth, Massachusetts, and was lucky enough to be indoctrinated into Pilgrim ways from a young age.
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Dressed as a Pilgrim girl, I walked in the Pilgrim Progress. These are held on the first four Fridays in August, and local citizens dress as Pilgrims re-creating their procession to church. The number of persons, and their sexes and ages have been matched to the small group of Pilgrims who survived the first winter in the New World. We marched up Leyden Street, to the clicks of tourists’ cameras.

Pilgrim Progress

Leyden Street was originally called First Street, and the Pilgrims began laying out the street before Christmas…

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