No author is an island …

One of the most important lessons I’ve learnt since the beginning of 2014, when I decided I wanted to self publish my first novel, is that writing is a journey which cannot be travelled alone. I’ve met hundreds of wonderful bloggers, writers, reviewers, and readers, who are all helping me along the way. I also try to help other authors in any small way I can; liking, commenting, or sharing their posts, reading and reviewing their work, retweeting, posting on my blog and Facebook. Tweeting and retweeting, etc. Susan’s post is a reminder that helping each other means joining forces and it will strengthen our efforts in the long term. I’d like to add, that this isn’t only true about the writing universe; it’s true in all walks of life. Paying it forward means that we’ll all be helping each other, one way or another. Enjoy this inspiring post!

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I finished reading a book on marketing that, while good, worthwhile, and filled with lots of ideas and information (much of which I already use) to get your book out there and selling, it fell short, in my estimation.

Yes, it discussed the importance of building a fan base and giving fans what they want, and it also suggested one way of developing your career as being to call on others more experienced in your field and essentially “use” them and their influence to get ahead (something I didn’t particularly agree with).


But where the book fell short was in not once mentioning the importance of “promoting the writing and books of other authors” or in working with other authors to create a community in which all can thrive. Authors who read and follow the advice in this book will come out looking like lone wolves grasping after sales alone…

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