#BookReview Twelfth Night at Eyre Hall by Luccia Gray

The Great Wave

This morning I’m feeling deliriously happy, because avid reader and proficient reviewer, Linda Hill, has published an spectacular review of my second novel Twelfth Night at Eyre Hall.

For the next two weeks, Twelfth Night at Eyre Hall will be touring with Brook Cottage Books, stopping at some fantastic book blogs on the way!

This brilliant first stop couldn’t be any better. I feel lucky to have met Linda, quite by chance, on Twitter and later on the Brook Cottage Books team, and fortunate that she was able to read my novels.

Linda has a fantastic blog, where she reviews books by traditionally published authors as well as independent authors like myself, please check out her splendid blog and her fabulous review of Twelfth Night at Eyre Hall in the link below.

It’s reassuring to receive such an encouraging review, especially as I recently said I feel like a solitary drop in a vast ocean of mostly traditionally published authors, competing for a tiny bit of attention. Well, today I feel like The Great Wave off Kanagawa!

When I started writing professionally, three years ago, I thought I wrote for myself, as a creative outlet and personal challenge, but now I’ve realised I write for my readers. I need my readers to tell me they want to read my next book. That’s my greatest incentive.

Thank you, Linda Hill for your marvellous review and encouraging words.

P.S. I know there are too many adjectives in this short post, and my patient editor, Alison Williams, must be cringing, but today’s such a special day that I’m breaking all the writing rules, just this once!

Source: Twelfth Night at Eyre Hall by Luccia Gray


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Writer, blogger, teacher, reader and lover of words wherever they are. Author of The Eyre Hall Trilogy, the breathtaking sequel to Jane Eyre. Luccia lives in sunny Spain, but her heart's in Victorian London.

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