Bloggers Bash 2016 – Venue Announcement

The Second Fabulous Annual bloggers’ get together, famously known as Annual Bloggers’ Bash is being organised by the fantastic bloggers: Sacha Black, Hugh Roberts, Geoff Le Pard, and Ali Isaac. If you could make it to London on 11th June follow this link to find out more!

Source: Bloggers Bash 2016 – Venue Announcement

10 thoughts on “Bloggers Bash 2016 – Venue Announcement

      1. I really want to – but our European trip comes in March, when we go to Germany to see our son, whom we’ve seen for only a few hours in the last year. I expect a full report and wish you could go so I could see everything through your eyes. Maybe in 2017? We’re planning a trip to Ireland and might be able to combine it with the blogger’s bash.

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      2. IF he can ever get his leave straight, Bavaria. I want to see Neuschwanstein again and the Berchtesgarden. My spelling may be off here since I don’t speak German. But mostly we just want to spend some time with him…

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