Help me Choose my Cover for Midsummer at Eyre Hall, Please!

Hi all!

I’ve been neglecting my blog and my flash fiction challenges lately, because I’ve been finishing my third novel, Midsummer at Eyre Hall, which is also the final instalment of The Eyre Hall Trilogy, which is due to be published on 21st June, Midsummer’s Day!

I’ve asked the person who designed the first two novels to design the third, and I’m afraid I’m confused. I don’t know which one I like. I don’t even know if I like any of them, and I was wondering if you could help me choose or change.

Just to let you know, the title refers to the final chapter where there is a reunion in summer at Eyre Hall. The novel has many dramatic moments, although the ending is mostly optimistic, but not for all the characters. I wanted to transmit tranquility and closure on a bright summer’s day.

Check out the covers for my first two novels on the right to compare.

I asked for a similar style using the same/similar model.

It’s the designer’s first suggestion, so there will be more based on my feedback.

Here are the initial covers:

Midsummer at Eyre Hall 1 Midsummer at Eyre Hall 2 Midsummer at Eyre Hall 3

What do you think?

Thank you for your help!

Hope you have a great Easter break πŸ™‚

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Writer, blogger, teacher, reader and lover of words wherever they are. Author of The Eyre Hall Trilogy, the breathtaking sequel to Jane Eyre. Luccia lives in sunny Spain, but her heart's in Victorian London.

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  1. Is the dress design correct for the era the book is written in?

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    • You’re probably right, Rosie. That’s one of the things I wasn’t too sure about. Although some people have also suggested the first two covers look too modern, too. Thanks for your comment.


  2. I like the picking up of the gate from All hallows in image one but I would like slightly more greenery in the top left corner as the white space draws the eye a little too much I feel.

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  3. Hi Luccia I think the colours in cover 2 say midsummer to me the best. I wondered if it wasn’t too late to ask your cover designer to give your heroine a dress and hairstyle from the period. I think book one and two work ok in that respect but book three looks rather like 1950s, attending the Oscars, especially as the woman is now facing front. Which do you prefer?

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    • You’re right about the dress, it’s more Audrey Hepburn then Jane Eyre πŸ™‚
      For me there’s something wrong with all of them! I don’t like the door in two. It looks like a cottage, and Eyre Hall is a grand estate house. I don’t like the colours of the dresses or the spaces in the background of 1 and 3. I like the stone arch, but not the dress or the space at the back. I’m in a mess, as you can see!
      Thanks for commenting πŸ™‚

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  4. I agree with the comments about the dress. I like the arch in the last one but not sure the colour is right for midsummer.

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  5. I chose 1 because of the gate. The wooden door looked too cottagey and the stone arch looked too Thomas Kincaidy πŸ™‚

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  6. I like the second cover. But I’m not in love with the wooden door! But the color of the dress is beautiful!

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  7. The one with the door is beautiful, but it reminds me of a hobbit hole… I’d probably expect it to have fantasy elements. The one with the stone arch is my favorite background– but made me think something was wrong with the dress– maybe I don’t like the pink version of the dress or maybe the styles looks too 1960’s, not sure. For those reasons, I chose the iron gate. It’s a really nice cover and everything seems to go well together

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  8. I loved the pink dress pix πŸ™‚

    Good luck and can’t wait to read it!

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  9. Since it’s summer, I would maybe go for a yellow or orange dress. I think those colors would work better with the other two covers as well.

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  10. I like the gate background the most out off the 3 but I would change the dress and the color – yellow or maybe a print like Scarlett O’hara’s white and green picnic dress from Gone with the Wind – would give a more summertime feel. I’m so looking forward to this book!

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  11. Ok I’ve said the second one but I actually I think a deep green dress would look fantastic against the other two covers I prefer a filled in background rather than the white in the gate one. Hope that is of some help :-/

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  12. how about a more period style dress in ivory. some flower and use the gate also a more period style hair style. i cannot wait.


    • Thank you, Joyce. I wanted white or ivory, but my designer says it wouldn’t look good with the font colour for the title. I know the model doesn’t look Victorian enough, but it’s the same one in the three books. Thank you for commenting!


  13. Hmm. I voted but I’m not sure. I absolutely LOVE your first 2 covers. The dress style doesn’t grab me for your series and the color doesn’t seem to flow with the dark blue and red of the others. (I adore turquoise but it seems off here.) Maybe a yellow or green? πŸ’š

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