My #Gapp_Week 8th August @Gapp_Week

  • What am I GRATEFUL for?

This week as always, I’m grateful for my family, friends, and inspiration.

My youngest daughter has come home to spend the month of August with us in Spain. She’s been coming and going to Germany and the UK for the past three years, due to her studies and work, so it’s a real treat to have her with me every day! Here she is with my grandson.


I don’t see my grandchildren as much as I’d like to because we live about 200 kilometres away, but in summer, while I’m on my school holidays, we rent a beach flat and spend as much time as possible together. I love playing with them and watching them play!


I’ve also had lunch with one of my best friends, who’s a talented artist, Annabel Overbury. She paints beautiful pictures, mainly inspired by her life by the sea San Pedro, Málaga and her childhood holiday home in Cornwall, UK, which has inspired the print in this photograph.



We love discussing art and life and have often come to the conclusion that the creative process in literature and fine art are very similar, but more about that soon in another post!


I usually live inland, so I’m also immensely grateful for the sound, smell and beauty of the sea which I find inspirational and calming.



  • What have I ACHIEVED? (Things I’ve done for myself)

Well, I’m progressing with my new novel. I’ve had o stop writing and start plotting, because it was getting too erratic and out of hand. I was experiencing too many ideas and scenes, which I was having difficulty connecting into one narrative. I’m almost there now, I think.


  • What are am I PROUD of? Things I’ve done for others.

I’ve posted several reviews on #AugustReviews follow the link to read all about it.

I’m especially proud to have featured my review of Escape Plan by Elizabeth Hein. Which I read some time ago and had kept postponing to review. Elizabeth is a very talented author and supportive writer.

Escape plan

She’s also a cancer survivor and has written a fabulous book, How to Climb the Eiffel Tower, a celebration of life, courage, and second chances. Here’s my review: .

Eiffel Tower

I’ve tweeted and retweeted other authors and checked out as many blog posts as possible.

  • What are my PLANS for next week?

They’re much like last week’s. I’d like to keep meeting up with old and new friends, write some more of my novel, and catch up with my reading! Last, but not least, I hope to have lots of fun with my grandchildren.

Remember to open your eyes and see the wonderful things in store for us all this week!


Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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