Cash and Serendipity #SoCS #FlashFiction

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Cash is fast becoming a thing of the past. I mean, who has cash nowadays?

Most people I know never use it and never have it.

That doesn’t mean they don’t have any money. it means they use credit cards instead of cash.

Today at lunch, a friend, who has recently come back from London, told me a true story about how he met someone who became very special to him, while he was on his way to work.


Cash and Serendipity


The waitress who prepared my daily café latte said, ‘1.80,’ as always.

I handed her my card, as usual.

‘It’s not working. Can you pay by cash?’

‘I don’t have any cash. Can I pay you tomorrow?’

The waitress shook her head. ‘There’s a cash machine just outside.’

‘No time, I’m afraid. I’m late to work.’

‘Sorry,’ she said as she took back my coffee and turned to the next customer.

‘I’ll pay for both, mine and hers,’ he said nodding at me.

On our way out, I said, ‘I’ve been coming here every day for months. I can’t believe she wouldn’t let me pay tomorrow. Do you come here often?’

‘Every day, Monday to Saturday, ten past eight sharp, just like you,’ he said.

‘Great. I’ll see you tomorrow then. It’ll be my treat.’

‘Tomorrow’s Sunday, but we can have coffee and take a walk instead of going to work.’

I smiled. ‘Lovely.’


Have you ever had any similar experiences when you were short of cash?


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