#Silentsunday waiting for the tourists






I love that silent moment in the early morning, before the beach is invaded by holiday makers, avid to dress their bodies in sand and later wash it off in playful waves.

Quiet moments when you can smell the silence and hear the sun’s rays bouncing on the busy waves.

Peaceful moments just before the hustle and bustle whip the silence into a whirlwind of joyous rowdiness.


I love watching the beach while it’s waiting for the tourists, don’t you?

6 thoughts on “#Silentsunday waiting for the tourists

  1. Me, too! But where we rent – a private island with tons of houses for rent – it’s generally pretty quiet. If you go out to walk as the son is coming up, you need to wear blinders – it’s bright! But so serene…

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  2. Your description of the morning on a beach reminded me of a wonderful description of the same scene over 150 years ago, the denouement of Agnes Grey where she meets and is reconciled to her boyfriend.

    I thought you would like a Bronte link.

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  3. We live in a small beach town on the southeastern coast of the US. it’s much the same. I love the autumn and early spring, too, when I find myself almost totally alone on the beach.

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