#FridayBookShare ‘The Seer’s Daughter’ by Athena Daniels @AthenaDaniels11

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Today, I’d like to share The Seer’s Daughter by Athena Daniels

I found this book quite by chance on Story Cartel and thought I’d give it a go. I’m so glad I did. I thoroughly enjoyed it.  By the way it will be there to download in exchange for a review for another eight days!

First line of the book.

Sage Mathews hugged herself as the raging storm flung rain against the windows.

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For her, he’ll break all the rules…

Upon returning to her hometown for her grandmother’s funeral, Sage Matthews is terrorized by a series of strange events. She dismisses each eerie occurrence as a by-product of her overwrought emotional state, until it becomes chillingly clear that something not of this world is desperate to get a message–or is it a warning?–through to her…

Detective Sergeant Ethan Blade comes to Cryton, South Australia, to catch a serial killer. When Ethan meets Sage–the latest victim’s beautiful granddaughter–his attraction to her is explosive and inconvenient. He knows she’s not crazy, but Sage’s theory about the murders is unbelievable.

With the handsome detective rejecting her ideas, Sage embarks on the supernatural journey that her grandmother started. What she discovers shatters everything Sage ever knew about herself–and who she really is.

Ethan’s routine case quickly turns personal when he discovers Sage is the killer’s next target. For her, he’ll break all the rules and cross every line. But how can he protect Sage from an evil he cannot even conceive of?

To save her, he must let go of everything he ever believed.

Introduce the main character using only three words.

Sage is psychic, brave, and determined.

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Audience appeal (who would enjoy reading this book?)

Anyone who likes paranormal, romantic, suspense in a thrilling story set in rural Australia.

Your favourite line/scene.

Sage is psychic and Ethan is a detective who searches for facts and proof, although he trusts his ‘gut instinct’. Sage has to convince him that his gut instinct is not so different to her psychic abilities as he imagines:

“And what about anger, can you touch that?”


“Fear, grief, sadness?”

“No, but you’re now talking about feelings.”

“Yes, but if you can trust your feelings, if those are real, even though you cannot see or touch them, it’s not too much of a stretch to say that we can feel other things too. Use the same senses we use unconsciously every day to become aware of more than we’re used to.”

“I suppose so.”He frowned, considering. “But since it’s never happened to me, it’s difficult for me to believe, that’s all.”

“But it does happen to you, Ethan. All the time. You say you rely on your senses for work. You sense when someone is watching you even when you can’t see them. You sense when something is ‘off.’You somehow just know when someone is lying to you or not telling you the whole truth.”

He opened his mouth to refute what she was saying, then closed it again. Could she be right? Was he not the man of hard evidence he’d always believed himself to be? What she said was true. He did rely on those very senses more than the other guys on the force did. That’s why he was so good at his job. Perhaps he had more in common with the ghost buster than he’d thought. His stomach roiled.

“I still think there’s a rational explanation for all of this. How did something without a body cut out black circles of material and place them over empty eye sockets?”

She slumped against him. “I almost thought you were going to understand. Tell me, Mr. Detective Extraordinaire. Give me the oh-so-rational explanation for all of this. And don’t forget to explain how it is that we’re trapped in this car with a dashboard flashing ‘Sage,’my name, Ethan, when I would bet my last dollar that word was never programmed into its computer. And while you’re at it, you might explain why the streetlights are going out one by one.”

He glanced out the window. Sure enough, the whole street was now in a blackout. The sky was clear, the moon bright, and he could still see clearly without the streetlight.

See my full review here on amazon.

There’s a second book in the series, The Alchemist’s Son, which I’ve already started reading, because although ‘The Seer’s Daughter’ doesn’t end in a cliffhanger, there are some important loose ends, which are tied up in book two.


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