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#FridayBookShare was created by Shelley Wilson for book lovers to share what they’re reading. The idea is to answer a few simple questions about the novel and post on Fridays.


Today, I’d like to share Bayou My Love, by Lauren Faulkenberry. It’s a suspenseful family drama and romance set in present-day Louisiana.

First line of the book.

I knew when I strode into my father’s office _ before he’d had time to drink his two cups of coffee_ that I was asking for trouble.

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Escape to the beautiful bayous of Louisiana in this tale of romance, secrets and suspense from Family Circle Award Winning Author Lauren Faulkenberry.

Thirty-year-old Enza Parker is at a crossroads. To prove to her overbearing father she can flip a house on her own, she takes on an ambitious project that brings back painful memories—and puts her in the path of the most alluring man she’s ever met.

Enza plans to flip the house she inherited from her estranged grandmother in Bayou Sabine, Louisiana. As a child, she spent summers there until the day her mother inexplicably left. Since then, Enza hasn’t let anyone get close to her.

Arriving in Bayou Sabine, Enza finds her house occupied by bedeviling firefighter Jack Mayronne. Enza wants to kick him out, but Jack convinces her to let him stay in exchange for helping with repairs. With only six weeks to fix the house and sell, she’s determined to prove her father wrong, but she didn’t count on Bayou Sabine and Jack capturing her heart.

When Enza’s fling with Jack intensifies, she finds herself entangled with a vengeful arsonist from Jack’s past. As she reaches her breaking point, she must decide: Should she sell the house and leave her past in Bayou Sabine behind for good, or can she overcome her fears and build a new life there with Jack?

If you like the heart and story of novels by Emily Giffin such as The One & Only and enjoy the romance in books by Robyn Carr, this exciting new voice in Southern fiction is for you!

Introduce the main character using only three words.

Enza is hard-working, independent, and brave.

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Audience appeal (who would enjoy reading this book?)

Readers who enjoy reading contemporary romance with some suspense, action, and a family mystery, in a breathtaking setting. 

Your favourite line/scene.

Enza has just arrived at her estranged grandmother, Vergie’s, house, which she has inherited on her death.


Now, standing in this room that both was and was not Vergie’s, it made me wonder: Had Vergie ever tried to see me, or had she quietly given in to my father’s wishes? He could be cruel. He could sniff out people’s weaknesses and drive them away, and he could have easily done that to Vergie. I felt the pang that comes when you know you’ve done something terrible, and there’s no real way to fix it.

I traced my fingers over a patchwork quilt that Vergie had almost certainly made. It was mostly blue and green, the log cabin pattern. The floorboards creaked when I walked across the room to the closet, where a half a dozen dresses still clung to wire hangers.

“This seemed bigger when I was a kid,” I said.

“Things always do.” Jack opened the drawer of the nightstand and handed me a key. His fingers brushed over my palm as he placed it there. “In case you want to lock yourself in.”

“Thanks.” I slipped the key into my pocket.”


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