#Writephoto ‘Marsha’s Sister’ #FridayFictioneers #Flash Fiction

This 100-word flash fiction was written in response to Sue Vincent’s weekly Thursday Photo Prompt. Check out Sue’s wonderful blog for more information.

This week’s Write Photo prompt by Sue Vincent has taken me to another weekly fiction challenge I take part in Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, check it out it’s also based on a photo prompt, 100 word maximum response, with a supportive group of participants. If you love reading and writing flash fiction Why don’t you join in?

I’m writing a weekly story on Friday Fictioneers about Alice, a creative child, her parents Marsha and Kevin, and her best friend Billy, but it won’t end there, more friends, relatives, teachers, doctors etc. will eventually be included in my weekly 100-word stories.  

They are all standalone stories, but if you’d like to read more of Alice’s stories, here they are!

Recently, Alice’s wealthy grandmother, who lived in a huge and spooky country house, has just passed. Alice and her parents are moving into her house, so when I saw this week’s photo prompt, I couldn’t help but tell a story including Alice, her mother, her grandmother, and another mysterious character, who also popped in last week’s story…


Marsha’s Sister

Marsha was folding and storing her mother’s clothes for the charity shop. She looked up at the trembling ceiling. Who was in the attic?

Marsha rushed upstairs. ‘What are you doing here, Alice?’

‘Come inside, Mummy.’

Marsha froze. A wall only she felt blocked the entrance.

‘I’ve never been inside and you shouldn’t be here either.’

‘Whose toys are these, Mummy?’

Marsha wiped away a tear.  ‘My sister’s.’

‘You had a sister?’

‘Yes,’ Marsha whispered.

‘And you never played with her?’

‘She died before I was born.’

‘What a pity. She loves sharing her toys and having company. Come inside.’


I’d love to read your comments on Alice’s story.

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