#Writespiration #140 #52Words in 52 Weeks ‘Unused Baby Booties’ #FlashFiction

This week, our challenge is to write 52 words…. EXACTLY, no more, no less about a pair of shoes.

Isn’t it amazing what can be done with just 52 words? Why not join in Sacha’s challenge?



Unused Baby Booties

Kathy rummaged through the winter clothes in the charity shop. She couldn’t afford expensive presents for her grandfather, but he needed a warm sweater, so she’d buy one.  

She only had him to look after, for now.

Her fingers brushed over unused baby booties.

What would he say when he found out?  


This week’s prompt reminded me of the following famous six word, flash fiction story, attributed to Ernest Hemingway, ‘For sale: baby shoes. never worn,’ and from there it took me to a charity shop and my 52-word story including a pair of unused baby booties.

Thanks to Sacha for hosting and organising her weekly #writespiration and Ernest Hemingway for writing the most inspiring flash fiction ever.

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