#ThursdayDoors ‘Los Pinares’ El Sardinero, Santander. #Haiku

Sturdy, solemn, stone,

Keeper of bygone secrets,

Whisper one to me.

I was in Santander, Spain, on Monday. I took a walk along the sea front promenade of the famous Sardinero beach and came across this palatial home (casa palacio) called Los Pinares, which belongs to the Santos family.

I was drawn to its dark gothic look and majestuous stance. Imagine the dark corners, secret passages, and magnificent furniture and artworks it must enclose…

I didn’t get close enough to take a photo of the main door, so the outer gates will have to do, for now. I hope I can take a closer look at the outside, or even inside one day…

(The last picture isn’t mine).

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