#3LineTales Week 119 ‘Dreaming of a Ballerina’ #FlashFiction #MondayBlogs


“Last night I dreamt I was a ballerina, wearing a pink, gauze tutu, dancing barefoot to Swan Lake in an underpass, while outside the birds sang and the wind shook the leafy trees.”

“That sounds like fun, but now let’s get back to the real world, shall we?” said my physiotherapist, rolling up my hospital gown and massaging my legs.

“Will I ever walk again, Agnes?” I asked and she smiled. “You won’t be dancing anytime soon, but with your positive attitude, more therapy and hard work, you could be the one in eight whose muscles start working again.”


This is my contribution to this weeks’ 3LineTales on Sonya’s blog, Only 100 Words.

Pop over and join in if you enjoy reading or writing short / flash fiction using photo prompts (I love it!) You’ll find full guidelines on the TLT page.


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