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Today I’m reviewing The Last Girl by Nick Twist.

The Last Girl: A gripping psychological thriller with a killer twist by [Twist, Nick]


After surviving a plane crash, June West surrenders to a shallow existence of a life without memories–without purpose. She is stuck in a hospital where she is taken care of and told what to do with the rest of her life. But how come she has no relatives? No family, children or friends? Hell, she isn’t even sure her name is June West.

Slowly, her grasp on the world starts slipping. She hears baby cries every night. She eavesdrops the nurses talk about the last girl. Then she receives a note from under the door: you have twenty four hours to save your daughter or they will kill her.


My Review

I picked up this novel because of the blurb, and although I’ve included it here, believe me, nothing is what it seems in this novel. The blurb is intriguing enough to attract the reader, but if you think it’s about a woman who has been in a plane crash and is trying to save her daughter from ruthless kidnappers, you are wrong, or maybe not…

The Last Girl is a completely different type of psychological thriller, mainly because it really is a psychological thriller in which the author plays with the readers and the characters’ minds at every twist and turn.

I felt enticed, manipulated, lied to, confused and enthralled, all at the same time!

The Last Girl is, at times, like a rollercoaster, which seems to have derailed, yet continues on its imaginary rails without a destination, but nothing appears by chance, every single scene and character leads to the final culmination, when it all makes sense. What a ride of a novel!

The Last Girl is an innovative, daring and creative novel. It’s like no other psychological thriller I have read. It’s exciting, surprising, ingenious, cleverly plotted, and well written. Once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down. I read it over two days, because I have other things to do, such as a job and a family!

However, like the main character, The Last Girl isn’t perfect, neither is it an easy read. It is confusing, infuriating and distressing at times, but It’s good points by far outweigh these aspects.

It pushes the boundaries of fact, fiction and fantasy in literature and raises interesting theories as some of the characters discuss  the role of literature in our lives and our need to write, rewrite and share our stories.

Especially for readers who love psychological thrillers and don’t mind being confused, surprised, shocked, and mesmerised.

I will definitely be looking out for more thrillers by Nick Twist because he has a unique and compelling way of telling stories.

I can’t wait for his next novel to be published.

Nick Twist


The Last Girl was published in March and is already an Amazon.com Bestseller and you can buy it for well under the price of coffee.

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