#FridayReads Mount Mercy by Helena Newbury #Romance #BookReview

I’ve read, enjoyed and reviewed most of Helena Newbury’s books to date, so I’m pleased to be reviewing her latest novel, Mount Mercy, published this week, and it’s already the amazon bestseller list #1 New Release in Medical Thrillers

Mount Mercy by [Newbury, Helena]

Mount Mercy is difficult to define because there’s romance, action and suspense in a medical setting. Once I started reading I couldn’t stop. The story is told from several alternating points of view, but most of the events are narrated by two doctors at Mount Mercy Hospital, Dominic and Amy.

Doctor Dominic Corrigan is a believable and engaging character. He’s an unorthodox doctor, who wears his tattoos and scars, from working in war zones, as proudly and uninhibitedly as a biker, but he’s also an experienced and professional ER doctor who thrives on the stress of his job and isn’t afraid to take risks to save his patients. He’s also known as a player with the ladies, but he’s covering up a heavy personal burden of guilt. Dominic meets Doctor Amy Beckett, a shy and emotionally withdrawn surgeon, who enjoys working in the quiet sanctuary of her operating theatre, because she  has a hard time coping with noise and stress.

In the midst of the chaos brought on by a severe snowstorm leading to a complete white-out in the area, a group of local criminals, behaving like terrorists, wreak havoc in the hospital and the town. Dominic and Amy will be drawn into the violence and terror, playing a major role in saving lives and the town from a devastating disaster.

I enjoyed the medical setting, the sweet and then steamy romance, the wintry landscape and weather, and the action packed and suspenseful final scenes. The setting and events were vividly portrayed, so I felt I was watching the events happening in the hospital and feeling the freezing blizzard.

Especially for lovers of romantic suspense with plenty of action, and of course, happy ever afters with larger than life main characters. A wintry treat at just over a dollar!


Helena Newbury is the author of well-written romantic novels with plenty of suspense, some steamy scenes, engaging characters and captivating stories.

I read and reviewed Kissing my Killer three years ago and although I loved Mount Mercy, Kissing my Killer is still my favourite! And it’s included in Audible’s Romance Package.


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  1. Wow, that cover alone would make me read this book! Sounds like an exciting book, too. I like when unorthodox characters are put into traditional roles and I think medical thrillers are great reads. Happy weekend to you!

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