Resurgam: An Eyre Hall Series Novella is a New Release Alert on #BookBub today!

I’ve just received an email confirming that my latest publication, Resurgam: An Eyre Hall Series Novella has been accepted as a New Release Alert on BookBub! It’s my first BookBub deal and I’m really excited! It means my US followers, will be receiving an email from BookBub today with information about my book launch which was two days ago on 20th September!

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Relive the mystery and magic of Jane Eyre

Nine years after her marriage to Edward Rochester, Jane has everything she ever wished for. She is married to the man she loves and they have a healthy eight-year-old son. They live in a grand house, Eyre Hall, built on the grounds of Thornfield Hall.

Jane has the family she longed for and all the comforts money can buy, and yet she is discontented.
Mrs Rochester is dissatisfied with her opulent lifestyle, and she is tormented by cryptic nightmares in which Helen, her deceased best friend from Lowood Institution for Orphans, begs Jane for help.

When another friend from Lowood, Mary Anne Wilson, appears unexpectedly at Eyre Hall with distressing news, Jane realises she will not recover her peace of mind, fortitude, and passion unless she finds a way to keep the promise she made to Helen when she was a penniless orphan.

Resurgam is a standalone novella which can be read as a prequel to The Eyre Hall Series. The events narrated take place between 1853 and 1854, eleven years before Blood Moon at Eyre Hall, Book One of The Eyre Hall Series.

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Relive the mystery and magic of Jane Eyre in The Eyre Hall Series

Happy Wednesday and happy reading!

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