‘Snow Moon at Eyre Hall’ Chapter 28: Jane Eyre’s Return to Eyre Hall #BookLaunch

One of the highlights of Snow Moon at Eyre Hall, which was published yesterday, is Jane, Michael and Helen’s return to Eyre Hall after the traumatic events which occurred in Thunder Moon at Eyre Hall, during which the three of them were separated and confined away from their home, Eyre Hall.

Jane was taken to Grimsby Asylum, Helen was sent to Lowood Institution, and Michael was imprisoned in the icehouse. Their ordeals led them to take refuge in a Beachill, a small seaside village in Cornwall, where they have started a new life.

Their return to Eyre Hall, in chapter 28, is an emotional experience for all of them, especially for Jane, who built Eyre Hall when she married Mr Rochester, with the money she inherited from her uncle, who had a winery in Madeira.

Chapter 28 – Return to Eyre Hall

Eyre Hall, February 1870


Huge white snowflakes whirled and fell on the thick snow already covering the lawns of Eyre Hall. I craned my neck to glimpse at the silver clouds sliding across the waning gibbous moon and the fragments of jet-black sky peppered with tiny sparkling stars.

Helen pointed to the ground. “Why has the snow got a blue glow?”

“It must be reflecting the light of the moon. If there was a new moon, the snow would be black,” I replied.

“I forgot it was so pretty. Max says it never snows in Beachill.”

Annette rushed out to greet us when she heard our coach. “Come inside quickly, there’s a frightful gale.” A young girl took our coats and said she’d carry our luggage upstairs to the new wing. “Tell Tomas to help you, Trish,” said Annette. “The trunks are heavy.”

We stepped into a drawing room ablaze with the furious burning of crackling wood. I gasped. It was just as we had left it.

“What’s wrong?” asked Annette.

I waved my hands in the air. “Nothing has changed.”

“Why would it? I love the way you decorated Eyre Hall, Jane. It’s perfect.”

I searched for the house I once lived in and imagined I would never leave. The furniture, the paintings, the candleholders, and chandeliers were identical. “And yet nothing is the same.”

Michael’s hands rested on my shoulders. “Shall I kindle the fire, mistress?”

I sighed. “It seems such a long time ago, Michael.”

“Eight months since we last came and fifteen months since we lived here,” he replied, but it didn’t matter how many days or months had passed, we had returned to a different place in another lifetime.

“I’m hungry, Mummy!” said Helen.

Seconds later, a tall young man with a sullen face and heavy eyebrows entered.

“Sorry, Mrs Rochester. I was taking the trunks upstairs. What do you need?”

“Thank you, Tomas. Bring us some tea, hot chocolate, biscuits, cakes, and ham sandwiches.”

As we ate, Annette asked us about our journey, James, Helen’s school, and the final chapters of The Orphan, but carefully avoided asking about our reason for coming. At last, Helen fell asleep on the couch and we were free to talk.


Jane and Michael’s reason for returning to Eyre Hall is the climax of Snow Moon at Eyre Hall and the Eyre Hall Series itself. As those of you who have read the series can imagine, it is related to Junot, the Sin-eater, Bertha Mason, and Mr Edward Rochester. The final secret Bertha left at Thornfield Hall will be revealed in Snow Moon at Eyre Hall, at last.

Read Snow Moon at Eyre Hall to find out Bertha’s last secret here. It’s on launch offer at 0.99 and you can also read it for 0,00 on Kindle Unlimited!

Snow Moon at Eyre Hall: Book Five of The Eyre Hall Series de [Luccia Gray]

Snow Moon at Eyre Hall is Book 5 of The Eyre Hall Series. I suggest reading in the following order:

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Volume One of The Eyre Hall Series: a Box Set including these first four novels.

Thunder Moon at Eyre Hall

Snow Moon at Eyre Hall

Midsummer at Eyre Hall (to be re-edited and re-published in autumn, 2022)

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