AtoZ Blogging Challenge April 2022. H is for Heart Breathings and How To Academy Mindset on @YouTube

YouTube Channels and Youtubers for writers and everyone else!

I’m joining the AtoZ challenge sharing YouTube channels and Youtubers I follow as an independent author, researcher, learner, reader, and someone who is interested in emotional growth and physical wellbeing, as well as entertainment and current affairs.

I’ve enjoyed watching YouTube videos for years, but in 2020, when the pandemic broke out in Europe and the first lockdown was imposed as a security measure in most countries, I decided to go Premium on YouTube and I started watching even more videos on a wide variety of entertaining and informative topics, which I’d like to share with you over the coming month. I hope you enjoy! 

Today it’s all about self growth by a meditation channel and another channel with tips and inspiration for personal growth.

Heart Breathings is a bookish channel. Sarra Canon has been self-publishing for ten years, and her videos are helpful to would-be authors or authors who are thinking of self-publishing. She is an Amazon Top 100 Best-Selling Author who has published over eleven young adult, fantasy novels. !She has playlists on NaNoWriMo, how to plan and write a series, writing and self-publishing tips, among other topics. Her videos are mostly short, between 10 and 30 minutes. This is one of her most recent on Five crucial elements of a good novel.

How to Academy shares inspirational ideas by well-known, contemporary thinkers, psychologists, business leaders, authors and coaches. They usually upload two videos a week which are about 20 minutes long and cover diverse topics such as politics and global affairs, history and culture, the environment, inspiration, etc.

This is one of their latest videos on Here’s a great conversation by two eminent intellectuals Stephen Fry and Steven Pinker talking about his book on the Enlightenment Today.

I hope you found these channels interesting or useful, and if you want to check out what other bloggers are writing about this month in the AtoZ Blogging Challenge check them out on Twitter , Facebook, or Instagram.

Meanwhile, I hope you’re enjoying this chilly April! (At least it’s unusually chilly in Europe for this time of year).

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