#Writespiration #52Words in 52 Weeks @Sacha_Black ‘First Night at the Museum’ #FlashFiction

This flash was written in response to Sacha Black’s prompt to write a 52-word flash based on the weekly prompt. This week’s prompt is to write about the night you accidentally  spent in a museum  Isn’t it amazing what can be done with just 52 words? Why not join in?

My First Night At The Natural History Museum

My reflexion stared back from the polished, marble floor. Dead animals watched me from their glass displays.
A dog barked. I’d been discovered.
A guard approached. “lost your way, pet?”
I tried to run, but he walked past me towards the dog. “Yes, mate, it’s an ugly exhibit. First human, arrived today.”


I always imagined scary and spooky things would happen in Museums in the dad of night…. I find Natural History Museums, especially the one in London, very inspiring. Here I am on a visit with my son. Fortunately, during the day, with plenty of other visitors!

Also unforgettable, the film A Night at the Museum, a comedy starring Ben Stiller.