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April Author Spotlight 2015

Letter ‘M’ is for Matt Cairns author of Cold Blooded


Why do I recommend Cold Blooded?

I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough to follow the absorbing plot of this exciting, action-packed, surprising, and thrilling read. I was impressed by the plausible, supernatural element, which is associated with scientific experiments related to genetic engineering in a paramilitary organization. I loved the idyllic setting, in a small rural and remote location in New Zealand, in the middle of a severe thunderstorm, which adds to the tension and atmosphere.

All the characters are well-developed so that I cared about what happened to the ‘good’ ones and felt terrified of the ‘evil’ ones. There are some violent scenes, but not more than are necessary to push the plot forward. I liked the way I was challenged to consider that violence could be the only option when ‘good’ and ‘evil’ come face to face.

The novel is very well-written, while the plot is well-woven, and most importantly, well-unravelled and concluded; the ending is unexpected, partly poignant, and wholly satisfactory. I’m impatiently looking forward to more novels by Matt Cairns.
Cold Blooded 2 (1)

Tell me about Cold Blooded, Matt.

With Cold Blooded I wanted a no-holds-barred action novel that hooked readers from the start and kept them turning the pages ‘til the end, at which point they’d sit back and take a deep breath and say something like: Damn—how cool was that? Wonder when the next one’s due out…

I took all my favorite authors—Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Wilbur Smith, Jack Higgins, Terry Brooks, and a handful of others—and rolled them into one.

A modern-day thriller-slash-horror with elements of the unreal (sci-fi or fantasy or supernatural/paranormal—you decide which genre fits best), with as much dark (or sick, or twisted, or disturbing…again, you decide) humor I could muster.

…a cross between X-Men and Jack Reacher…

…move over Quentin Taratino…

…this novel kicks ass…

I’m not sure which comment I like best. Kicks ass sounds pretty good.


What are you working on now?

Right now I’m working on the next Tom Jade novel—Tom Jade being the main character in Cold Blooded.

It’s a follow on of sorts, in that Jade (and a few other originals) will feature, and it will expand a bit more on the events of the previous story. But it will also go in entirely new directions as far as plotlines are concerned. And there will be more characters, more action, and all going to plan, a bit more blood.

And because I like humor, especially the dark (or was it sick?) kind, there’ll be more of that too. As much as my agent and publisher will allow, of course, bless their li’ll white cotton socks.


What would you like readers to know about you?

In a perfect world…nothing!

I’d prefer to have people imagine for themselves: Me in a cold dark castle (or cave), hidden away from the world, hunched over an antique typewriter the size of a massive church organ (with pipes rising from it—don’t ask me why), candles burning, music playing (Phantom of the Opera seems to fit), nodding and grinning while I slam away at the keys…

But we don’t live in a perfect world. We live in a social media world. Where everyone wants (bless their li’ll white cotton socks) to know everything.

So what the hell: ‘When in Rome…’ and all that jazz…

Click on the links and come visit the cave. (Cue organ music…) Or castle. Or house. Or whatever hovel I’m living in.

You’ll probably find out one day, if you’re lucky.

When I figure out how to use Instagram…


How can we find out more or contact you?

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Book Review: Cold Blooded by Matt Cairns

I’m afraid I’ve done it again. I’ve read a novel I would never normally read, because it is completely out of my reading comfort zone, and I’ve enjoyed it!

When I downloaded Cold Blooded, three words led me in: thriller, debut, and supernatural.

I’m reading debut novels for two reasons, to support new authors who either self publish, or do so with small publishers, and secondly because I want to feel the pulse of contemporary literature. Being a debut author myself, I want to know the type of novels new authors and booklovers are currently reading and writing.

Thrillers or supernatural genres aren’t my preferred reading matter, but you all know how I like to stretch my creativity.

I was a little confused at first, because I had imagined that the supernatural element was paranormal, my mistake. The supernatural element is associated with scientific experiments related to genetic engineering in a paramilitary organization. I soon realized I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough to follow the absorbing plot.

The idyllic setting, in a small rural and remote location in New Zealand, in the middle of a severe thunderstorm adds to the tension and atmosphere. The characters, even the ‘supernatural’ ones are well developed and described, so that we care about what happens to the ‘good’ ones and feel animosity towards the ‘bad’ ones.

Some of the scenes are violent and repulsive, but not more than is necessary to put the point across. I didn’t feel it was unwarranted. The issues of good and evil, and how far violence can be justified for a ‘good’ cause, comes up in the narrative, and is summarized in Tom’s paraphrase of William James’s famous quote by saying: ‘The difference between a good man and a bad one is the choice of the cause.’

The plot is well-woven, well-written, and most importantly, well-unraveled and concluded. There was a moment towards the end when I was worried, dreading a happy ever after, or ‘easy’ ending, but that didn’t happen. I don’t want to give anything away, but the ending is very unexpected, partly poignant, and wholly satisfactory.

I highly recommend it for an exciting, action-packed, surprising, and thrilling read.

In spite of the specific ending, there is a small window open, which could possibly lead to another novel, which would no doubt be an interesting read, too. In any case, Matt Cairns is an author to look out for.