#3LineTales Week 119 #FlashFiction ‘First Date’

photo by Oneisha Lee via Unsplash

First Date

 The children pointed to the orange scarf she had asked him to wear and ran towards him, begging him to tell them a story, so he told them about the extraterrestrial children who had brought magical stones as gifts for their earthling friends.

She watched her enthusiastic students enthralled as he improvised his story and she knew he was friendly, caring, creative, and had a sense of humour.

Months later, when he asked her why she had arranged their first, blind date at such an unusual place, she replied, ‘I wanted to get to know you as soon as possible.’


This is my contribution to  this weeks’ 3LineTales on Sonya’s blog, Only 100 Words. 

I couldn’t resist writing three lines inspired by this colourful photograph!

Pop over and join in if you enjoy reading or writing short / flash fiction using photo prompts (I love it!) You’ll find full guidelines on the TLT page


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