#SundayWalks Stone Statues on Gates and Porches in Madrid

I saw these interesting statues this morning, on a walk while visiting relatives in Brunete, Madrid.

Some cultures regard lion statues as a symbol of power, good luck and a protection. I thought the fact that these lions were looking inwards was a bit strange. In any case, I hadn’t seen anything like it recently, and they do look rather nice, although I’m not sure I’d like the fierce growl of the lions looking into my house myself! 

I’m not sure what these might symbolise. They look like gardeners to me, or could they be leprechauns, in Madrid! Any ideas?

I’m not sure if these are eagles, falcons, or hawks, are you? They certainly look like birds of prey, at least they’re looking away from the house, but I’m not sure they’re very welcoming for visitors! 


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