#CosPhoChal K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: Toys

I have four grandchildren. so I know a lot about toys, and I have plenty of pictures of toys, especially toys in use. Here are a few for you!

A ball is an ideal toy. You can get it in various sizes and colours. It’s usually cheap and there are plenty og games to play, ask Elsa!

Boys will be boys and they love trucks and diggers, and they’re great for transporting sand at the beach! Ask Mike!

A bucket and spade, very useful for building sandcastles…



After transporting sand, it’s time to get busy in the terrace preparing tracks for racing cars…

Who wants to watch TV when you can play with a cardboard house!

Hey! This slide won’t fit in the sitting room, so let’s play at the park!

A small trampoline to jump is the best way to warm up and let off some steam!

We’re exhausted after so many toys and games. Let’s read for a while in our play pen…


Granny and Mummy are teachers, so we make sure they have plenty of educational games…


Now it’s your turn!

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Luccia’s #Gapp_Week 15th August @Gapp_Week Meet Manuel!

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Every Monday I’ll be telling you…

  • What am I GRATEFUL for?
  • What have I ACHIEVED? (Things I’ve done for myself)
  • What are am I PROUD of? (Things I’ve done for others)
  • What are my PLANS for next week?

 Sometimes there are unique and perfect moments in life when everything comes together; I’m grateful, have a sense of achievement, feel proud and have plans for the very same reason.

I’d like to introduce you all to my fourth grandson; Manuel


Just a day ago, he was safely tucked away in his mother’s womb!


Today, I’m grateful for this wonderful experience of having him in my arms, or just watching him sleep.


I feel a sense of achievement because I raised my family, including Manuel’s mother and auntie, in the picture below, to be loving, sensible and sensitive people.


I’m proud of my contribution to making my daughter become the fabulous mother she is.


I’m planning to watch Manuel and his brother and sister grow and help him to be the best version of himself possible.






Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction: The Day the Earth Turned Brown

I’ve just returned from a family holiday, and by family I mean three generations: Grandparents, my husband and I, our three children, and three grandchildren. It’s amazing how our children and later our grandchildren change our lives.

My outlook on life first changed when I had my children, in my twenties. At that time, I stopped thinking of myself, and started thinking of other people who needed me. I wanted to build a comfortable and secure home for my children. Looking back, I suppose I was a stressed working mum, trying hard to make ends meet and find time for my children.

Now my outlook has changed again after having my grandchildren, in my fifties. I don’t want to get too sentimental, but suffice it to say that when I look into my grandchildren’s eyes, I feel fortunate, stress-free, and safe, because the future is in their hands, and they are surrounded by love and optimism. I feel as if I have a foot in the future, their future, a future I can only imagine.

I also find it easier to make ends meet and make time for my children and grandchildren; one of the advantages of getting older…

Greeny-brown eyed grandson

My greeny-brown eyed grandson

My honey-brown eyed grandchildren


I’m in a romantic and sentimental mood, as you can appreciate, so I’m afraid my 99-word flash is a bit mushy. I hope you enjoy it!



I used to think blue was the most beautiful colour in the world.

When Tim’s intense blue eyes first looked into mine, I soon realised I wanted to gaze at them forever, and he always said my clear blue eyes were like pools he wanted to sink into eternally.

I assumed our son would have blue eyes, so I was surprised when they were brown; a soft, honey brown. Tim says our son will be tall, dark, and handsome, like his father. Now every time I look into our toddler’s eyes, I remember the day my world turned brown.


This was written in response Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge.

April 1, 2015 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write about the day the earth turned brown. How did it happen? What else might be going on? It can be dramatic or even humorous. It can be the greater globe or a localized occurrence. It can be an aftermath or a revival. Follow where the prompt leads you.

Respond by April 6, 2015 to be included in the weekly compilation. Rules are here. All writers are welcome! http://carrotranch.com/flash-fiction/

How have your grandchildren changed your lives?