#ThursdayDoors ‘Alceda’ Cantabria #Spain

“There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.”

― Nelson Mandela


The door into the park and river Pas, which runs through it, below


Original Door to the Thermal Baths ‘Balneario’ at Alceda dating from 1830s

Modern door to the Thermal Baths and hotel.

Doors to the cubicles and to the doctor’s surgery at the end of the corridor. A thermal bath below.

Nearby church at Ontaneda..

A close up of the main door to the church.

This door. which once led to a mill is now a restaurant which serves delicious local food.

A complete view of the restaurant.

Doors along the main street of Alceda.

Alceda has its own Palace, too, called the Palace of Mercadal . This is the main door.

A side view of the Palace of Mercadal.


My mother was born here and I used to visit my relatives during the summer holidays, when I was a child.

I still come back every year, or so. There are some new buildings, and some refurbished older buildings, but everything that was there during my mother’s childhood is still standing, and looks (almost) exactly the same.

It feels safe, but eerie, as if time had stopped, only it hasn’t. I have to check in the mirror to make sure I’m no longer a little girl.

You can also rent an apartment in this refurbished country house very near the palace. I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the very modern, glass door, below.

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Memories, Light the Corners of my Mind…

I’d like to tell you all about a new activity I’ll be taking part in on my Blog, namely Lisa Reiter’s Bite Size Memoir Challenge, which she hosts on her Blog: Lisa Reiter, Sharing the Story.

The ‘Bite Size Memoir’ is a weekly record of memories based on a prompt proposed by Lisa.

There are two types of entries:

  • Ten ‘I remember’ statements, or
  • 150 words, in either a paragraph or a poem.

The deadline is every Thursday 2pm (BST)
Lisa will compile responses and share them on another post a week later.


I think it’s a wonderful idea. It reminds me of the unforgettable film ‘The Way we Were’ and Barbara Striesand’s song:
Memories, light the corners of my mind…

In fact, memories take over reality, and as a famous Spanish author of the ‘Generation of 98′, Ramón del Valle Inclán, reminds us:

‘Nada es como es, sino como se recuerda’.
Loosely translated as: ‘Nothing is as it is, but as it is remembered’.

Once an event has occurred, and therefore belongs to the past, it has no real entity except through the way in which it is (re)interpreted from a present perspective. Sadly, another chimera. The present is such an ephemerons concept, that our perception is like a feather in the wind, each day it will fly to in a new corner of our memory…

Hence our minds reinterpret the past recreating new ever-changing memories which will make up new realities. That is the real challenge of this ‘blog challenge’: to run after a memory, trap it, and fix it in our minds by translating it into a few words, which will be make it permanent, for a while…

At least that’s what I’ll be trying to do as I take part in this weekly challenge. Would you like to join us? Please contact Lisa.