#SixWordSaturday Getting Ready for #Christmas Family Reunions

Christmas Tree outside the shopping centre.

Close up of the Christmas tree.

Inside the Christmas tree!

November’s a longish, coldish month.

Today, while doing my weekly food shopping, I noticed a Christmas Tree in the square outside the shopping centre, and plenty of Christmas decorations inside the shop.

I didn’t buy anything, not yet, but it reminded me about the family reunions ahead.

This year I’m looking forward to having all my children and grandchildren at home for a few special days.

Have you seen any Christmas trees yet? 

#WordlessWednesday Colourful Shopping in #Cordoba Old Town ‘La Juderia’ #Haiku

Presents for tourists,

Bursting with colour and light.

Free gifts for your eyes.

Typical earthenware nowadays used mainly for decoration.

Miniatures of colourful gypsy dresses.

Real gypsy dresses and skirts worn to dance Sevillanas at the fair.

Don’t forget your fans! You can even cook and dance with a colourful apron!

Last but not least, let’s have a bite to eat… 


Remember to stop and watch colourful street life. Happy Wednesday!