Split-Second Story: The Coachman

2014-05-28 17.37.28

May Fair in Cordoba

The coachman is dressed in a black suit. His trousers are worn, and his jacket hangs loosely, revealing a white unbuttoned shirt. He looks tired as he scratches his two-day stubble with his calloused hands. He’s had a hard day and night riding inebriated, noisy tourists around the May Fair, and now he’s on his way home to an empty house. His wife hates the Fair, so she’s visiting her mother with the children. Why go home? Split-Second Decisions. He’s watching a group of young local girls, dressed in ‘Flamenco’ dresses…all on their own. He feels refreshed as he pulls the reins; perhaps they’d like a free ride. Why not? He’s not expected anywhere else…