Writer Wednesday Blog hop

Story Prompt:  Your story must include the 5 words provided and be related to the photograph in some way. Keep your story to 500 Words.

And now for this week’s picture and 5 words:


• Electromagnetic
• Menopause
• Shopping
• Crummy
• Footing


A giant video-screen projects an overweight middle-aged woman wearing no make-up, while she pleads:
‘Why do I feel as if I’m losing my footing? My world is crumbling. I’m no longer attractive, my body is changing I’m moody and irritable. I feel different… I don’t recognize myself…’

The image on the screen flips to another, more attractive and younger-looking woman, who claims:

‘Believe me, the only way to heal the crummy way you feel during menopause is to go shopping. That’s the great thing about menopause, isn’t it? By now, most of us have enough money to go shopping, don’t we? So we can actually spend and feel powerful. We are losing our physical attraction, but we are gaining economic force and dynamism.’

A voice speaks through loudspeakers to thousands of women listening:

‘This is not the way. A woman’s life is precious, like the moon. Womanhood is like the lunar phase. The first quarter is a time of action, and the beginnings of womanhood. This gives way to a full moon, which is analogous to fertility and fullness of womanhood. The third quarter corresponds to the peri-menopausal years. Menopause is defined as the time when our moon cycles end. This period should be embraced and not dreaded. Listen to internationally acclaimed physicist Dr. Emory Gant.’

His calm, earnest face appears as he advises, ‘Menopausal women are no longer affected by the moon’s electromagnetic force and therefore are wiser and calmer. They are no longer part of the changeable explosive force of nature, but gather strength from the darkness and introspection of the new moon. The moon has the answer.’

The voice on off speaks once more:

‘Menopause is a time of wisdom and inner healing. Instead of looking after others, women are able to look after themselves. It is a new beginning. A time to think of ourselves. But we can’t do this on our own. Listen to Professor Crook at Ester Lindon Laboratories.’

Another grave-looking man appears on the screen:

‘Women no longer need to suffer in silence, and watch their bodies age. The moon has brought us the cure. This latest moon mission was able to bring back small amounts of a new rejuvenating product made from Moondust and ecologically grown grapes, which we are selling exclusively to you, today.’

The first woman on the screen appears again. She has lost weight, and is wearing make up and smiling:

‘I discovered moongrape last month, and in 30 days, my life has changed. Yours can change, too. You’ll never look back. A glass of moongrape a day will make you a new, stronger, more attractive woman.’

The audience clap loudly. The women are smiling as they queue to buy the product.


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Writer Wednesday Blog Hop. The Wedding Invitation.

Here is the prompt for this week:


Mandatory words: party, locust, evil, altar, guilt.

Here’s my entry for this week: The Wedding Invitation

‘Come with me to my sister’s wedding next week.’
‘I don’t think so.’
‘I need the favour. It will only last a few hours. You owe me.’
‘If I go, it’ll be just for the ceremony. I’m not staying for the party afterwards.’
‘Why not? You’ll have fun. You’ll be able to meet film producers and directors, who knows…?’
‘You make it sound like a scene from ‘The day of the Locusts’. I’m a screen writer, not an aspiring actress.’
‘I’ll introduce you to people who will value your talent.’
‘I don’t want to see your sister at the altar with my brother.’
‘Yes, I was surprised, too, when they announced their engagement.’
‘Surprised! Why the hell are they getting married, anyway?’
‘You know why. Don’t bring out your dark, evil streak, again.’
‘I’m not dark or evil. I just can’t see why people get married this day and age, just because they’re having a child.’
‘They’re romantic, in love, traditional, full of hope… who knows?’
‘Why did we get married?’
‘Life’s like that, isn’t it. It’s like a game of cards, you have to make do with the ones you’re dealt. We were in the same hand, Jack of diamonds and Queen of diamonds, look, here on the left.’
I looked at his hand, ‘What about that Queen of Clubs?’
‘She was a mistake. How often must I tell you that?’
‘Anyway, the rest of the hand is pretty weak, too.’
‘We could try again with another hand.’
I would probably go to the wedding because I refuse to feel guilt, but I’m not planning on making the same mistake again.
‘Call me on Saturday.’
‘OK. Let’s fold our cards, this wasn’t a good hand. Maybe, next time.’

(289 words)

Here is how the blog hop works if you’d like to participate:
• There is either one picture with five random words or two pictures revealed, which are to be used in the story.
• The word count must be 500 words or less.
• The deadline to link up is Tuesday of the following week.
• Link up at the bottom of this post with your entry for the week.
• Most importantly, have fun!

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