Bite Size Memoir 4: Sports Day

I was never too keen on sports when I was at school. I was more academically inclined, and at the time, both activities didn’t seem to be compatible! I was a defender in the netball team, because I was tall, however I was never very enthusiastic about it! But I did enjoy Sports Day at the end of the school year. Various coaches took us to a sports ground, somewhere in north London, where we competed with other schools. My participation was limited to cheering my school and friends, eating ice-creams, and rolling on the grass in my stiff school uniform, while the sun was burning my cheeks; it was always sunny on sports day!
Although I’m currently more attuned to the importance of sport in my life, it’s still not a priority, which means, alas, I still find it difficult to make time to practice it regularly…  Drop by and read some other memories! Thanks Lisa for organising and prompting!


6 thoughts on “Bite Size Memoir 4: Sports Day

  1. We are diametric opposites – sports were THE major force while I was in high school and college, while working hard to keep the grades up. I tried it all: swimming, tennis, softball, field hockey, basketball, ice skating – I finally had to settle on one sport per season: field hockey, basketball, tennis, and swimming. Now that I am somewhat crippled with arthritis, my sports are limited to lap swimming in the pool and working out in the gym. The competitive spirit lives on, however, and I really enjoy the hotbed of competitive sports that is the Chapel Hill-Durham area, if only vicariously.

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    1. Wow! I bet you’re really fit and healthy as a result! I try and walk an hour a day and hike weekends, and some swimming in summer. I know it’s not enough… I need to gind time and motivation…


  2. It seems to me that it WAS always sunny on Sports Day but then I remember proper winters too with lots of snow so I guess that’s a bit of climate change for you. You both sound like you’re fitting in some good exercise – have you seen the research of high intensity training – you can do enough for health that way without using up more time !
    Thanks Luccia for joining in again!

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  3. Loved your link. Great article. HIT sounds good. I’d heard of ‘interval high intensity training’ before, and this time, coming up to the summer, with longer days and the holidays promising less full-time commitments, I’m seriously thinking of giving it a try…
    Once I started ‘Couch to 5K’, here’s more info: but I gave up… Again I’ve got to get motivated and do something to get my body into some kind of regular and strenuous physical activity… Thanks for the reminder, both of you, Noelle and Lisa!


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