The Joy of Getting Book Reviews

This Post on writing reviews is so true.
Reviews are important for authors, but unfortunately the reading public isn’t used to interacting with authors by giving opinions and reviews. I say this because I know many readers who think writing reviews is something ‘other people’ or ‘experts’ do. Most readers have no idea their opinions as readers are so vital for authors. I didn’t realise myself until I started writing and self-publishing novels. Now, I hasten to add, I review (almost) everything I read, and even offer to review and beta read on Goodreads and my own webpage.
Readers’ reluctance to review is understandable. Traditionally, readers have not entered into correspondence with writers regarding their craft or their work, but online author platforms have changed all that. Contemporary writers (those traditionally published as well as Indie and self-published authors) are keen to hear their readers’ opinions. On the other hand, nowadays reviews are vital for marketing and sales purposes, too.
Our challenge as authors is:How can we convince readers to interact with authors by writing reviews and/or visiting our webpages etc.?
Any ideas?

Susan Finlay Writes

Book reviews are helpful marketing tools for authors, but more importantly they give the author much needed feedback. They let the author know how readers feel about his or her books. Each time I publish a new book, I feel excitement about giving my book wings and letting it go out into the world, relief that I can take a breath and relax after months of hard work, and a bit of anxiety about readers’ reactions. I’m in the dark until the first reviews start coming in, and that can be a bit of a nail-biter situation. Will readers love it or hate it? Will they relate to the characters and the situations? Have I let them down in any way? Will they be hooked and have a hard time putting the book down, or will they be bored and stop reading? Will they want to read the next book?

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3 thoughts on “The Joy of Getting Book Reviews

  1. A very timely post, since I have a review of your book on my to-do list! I hope you don’t mind, but I posted you forward on a blog hop. Check out saylingaway. I wouldn’t normally do it without asking, but it’s a pretty simple four questions to answer. And it’s about how and why you write, so a perfect time to ask you. Looking forward to your answers!

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  2. Thanks for nominating me for the blog hop Noelle! I’ll be glad to answer the questions and pass it on!
    Although you have told me what you think of my novel, of course a review would be appreciated, whenever you have time. Don’t worry. I also have an endless ‘to do list’, and I understand you (we) are all so busy! But amazingly, in the end we get (most) things done!


  3. I joined Goodreads in November when I found out my ebook was coming out. Before that, I had no idea what Goodreads was or that I could write reviews there. Now Goodreads is one of my favorite places to go. Whenever I read a book I at least put up a rating if I don’t actually write out a review.

    From the author side, reviews are extremely important. Even negative reviews can have a positive impact on an author’s book sales and exposure.

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