Bite Size Memoir No.7 Childhood Illness

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time…

Bite Size Memoir” is an invitation by Lisa Reiter for anyone to spend 5 minutes here or there (perhaps with a gorgeous little notebook), recording some snippets about their life. Each week, she provides a prompt for inspiration, so you don’t have to think where to begin. The challenge here is to keep it short with either 150 words of prose or poetry, OR 10 x “I remember ..” statements.

Here’s my contribution to this week’s challenge.

Childhood Illness

My childhood illnesses were not serious, and they were mainly related to winter. I was a stoic and recurrent sufferer of colds, flues, tonsillitis, and chilblains, which were not severe, but they were very unpleasant!

I’ve decided to use the ten-sentence format, this time. I’ve stretched my imagination and linguistic skills (!?) to come up with this almost nonsensical, and slightly silly acrostic poem:

Winter Ills

Woolen gloves tied to my coat sleeves with rubber bands,

Itchy swollen fingers trying to play the piano with two hands.

Never-ending runny noses in class,

Thermometers ancient, mercury, and glass.

Ear aches galore in spite of beanie hats,

Running out of hankies and sniffing like bobcats.

Inventing fake tummy aches to stay home from school,

Lowering voices, mother’s migraine rules.

Lozengers for sore throats and pains,

Sneezing and coughing through the night, once again…



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  1. Ta Da ! 🏆 “Get You” as Peter Kay would say! Fantastic! This is the first ever poetic entry to Bite Size Memoir and following the rules of 150 words you could even add more if you want to.
    Thank you too for displaying the little logo I came up with on your blog. I was really touched when I spied that! Lisa xx


    • Thanks! I spotted the logo and snatched it! Very nice!
      It’s not really very ‘poetic’, just a fun thing I came up with! Glad you liked it!
      Thanks too for organising. It’s fun taking part!


  2. Very neat. You’re setting a new standard


  3. Wonderful, clever and bite-sized. But how sad to have all these ills! I only had one big one – polio. I would trade…


  4. Earaches – I;d forgotten about those! And an ear full of yukky yellow medication. Ugh!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Fun poem. Like Noelle though I really didn’t get any of that kind of stuff and luckily didn’t contract polio either. I would have loved to have lots of colds and sore throats just to get the butter menthols but it wasn’t to be.


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