Unhappy Birthday

You would have been 51 today.
I would have phoned.
You would have said ‘Hi, Lil!’
We would have chatted,
And laughed, and gossiped.
Hours later,
‘I would have said, ‘Bye, El!’
It would have been so special.
Nobody else would have understood
Our private jokes,
Our childhood fears,
Our secret dreams…
I wouldn’t have written this poem with brine,
If you hadn’t ripped a piece of my heart
When you left.
If you hadn’t been unlawfully killed,
You would have been 51 today.


9 thoughts on “Unhappy Birthday

    1. Yes. It was, I mean would have been, my sister’s birthday yesterday. I couldn’t sleep, so I wrote this instead. It was some relief for the brine I was tasting. Sorry for the dark mood, but sometimes you just can’t keep it under control… Feeling much better this morning 🙂

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      1. I’m so sorry! Her leaving left a big scar and some of those scars never really heal completely. I have a post for next week that deals with one of mine, but not this week – it’s a happy time1

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    1. Thank you:) My daughter recently had a daughter, whom she named Elsa, which was my sister’s name. I think it will help to call her name and see a beautiful baby, instead of an empty space.


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