Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT Helen reviews All Hallows At Eyre Hall by Luccia Gray

Thank you for reading and reviewing, Helen! Rosie, thank you for organising your book review team! Readers everywhere please take the time to write a review of the books you read. Have a great day!💖

Rosie Amber

Today’s book review comes from team member Helen, she blogs at


Helen chose to read and review All Hallows At Eyre Hall by Luccia Gray.

All Hallows at Eyre Hall

What a surprisingly compelling read.
I loved Jane Eyre when I was younger, and I couldn’t resist a sequel; I’d also read some of the author’s blog and I felt she’d really engaged with the original.
I’ve not stopped thinking this now that I’ve read it. There’s a huge amount of thought that’s gone into the way that the characters have been developed, with some surprising turns (I didn’t want Mr Rochester to turn out how he did!) but all very carefully supported by back story taken from JE. I love the way the author’s re-examined incidents in JE under a different light, and let these lead the plot development.
I also loved the way she has incidents that mirror those in JE (and…

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