Book Review: The 20’s Girl, the ghost, and all that jazz, by June Kearns

I really loved this novel. It draws you in from page one with the setting, writing style, love story, and hint of humour.
It was easy for me to love it, because it has all the elements I enjoy as a reader.

20s girl
Firstly, I’m especially attracted to historical novels, and it is set in the past, specifically in the 1920s, as the title informs us, so we are able to glimpse at these challenging post-war years, during which the human loss of sons, brothers, husbands, and boyfriends, was enhanced by the drear financial situation.

Secondly, there are two spectacular and contrasting settings to experience, the fertile, green and rainy English countryside, with its polite and quaint inhabitants and lifestyle, and an isolated, hot and dry Texan ranch, with rough cowboys!

Thirdly, it is romantic, and I can’t resist a good, historical romance. However, this romance is not your typical instant love affair. It includes a long drawn-out courtship, with plenty of ups and downs and twists and turns between Gerry and Coop, and of course, the ghost!

Fourthly, the ‘ghost’ is cleverly, and convincingly, wound into the story from the beginning. Gerry’s singular aunt, Leoni, is ever-present. She brings them together after her death by means of her will, and spurs them on through wafts of her perfume, and the help of a cat…

The fifth reason I loved this book was due to the well-drawn and loveable characters, especially Gerry. I was really worried about what would come of her with her ruined book shop and disastrous financial situation, in which she was almost compelled to marry the wrong person out of desperation.

Again we have a Byronic hero, but he is from Texas (that’s why I’ll call him a Byronic-Texan hero!), who is mysterious, moody, undecipherable, intense, rich, and magnanimous. I already told you in a previous post why I love Byronic heroes, who cares if they’re Texan!

It’s no spoiler to say that it is a happy ever after ending, because as we all know, in a character driven romance, such as this novel, we presume a happy ending, the thrill of reading is precisely how the characters deal with conflict, and how this ending is eventually reached.

Although it’s no easy ride, you will not be disappointed! It’s a delightful novel that will make you laugh, and bite your nails, and worry, and believe in mischievous ghosts and of course, love.

Five stars because the humour, romance, historical, and paranormal aspects are carefully wound into a riveting tale which is delightful and unputdownable.

The 20’s Girl, the ghost, and all that jazz on Amazon US

The 20’s Girl, the ghost, and all that jazz on Amazon UK

Check out June Kearns Amazon page and watch her video about how she writes.

30 thoughts on “Book Review: The 20’s Girl, the ghost, and all that jazz, by June Kearns

  1. It really is a cracking read, Luccia your review was spot on. I love June’s unique voice, and I cared so much about her characters it was sad to say goodbye at the end. And it’s one to go back to and find other layers and intrigue, don’t you think? Great writing.

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  2. I totally agree with you Luccia, I absolutely loved this book. In fact I then went straight on to read June Kearns’ other book The Englishwoman’s Guide to the Cowboy which is another historic romance, set completely in Texas this time, with two terrific lead characters.

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  3. Spot on Lucia – I adored Coop, what red-blooded woman wouldn’t be smitten, Gerry would have to have been all milk-and-water not to have been – am fascinated by the 1920’s, wallowed in the Texas heat, shivered in English rain. Want more. Please, please June have it in your heart to write a sequel,

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  4. What a fabulous review for 20’s Girl. I loved that book and also Englishwoman’s Guide. I am in awe of June’s writing, so concise – yet conveys the point. A stunning blog, too, Luccia – you have a new follower.

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  5. What a brilliant review! Thoroughly deserved too. I absolutely loved 20’s Girl. June’s characters and scene-setting are so memorable. I’m so looking forward to her next book.

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