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April Author Spotlight 2015


Letter ‘J’ is for Regina Jeffers author of Captain Frederick Wentworth’s Persuasion


Why do I recommend Captain Frederick Wentworth’s Persuasion?

I loved every minute I spent reading this novel. The author retells, explains and moves Jane Austen’s Persuasion on to the next stage, in a way the original author never did. Regina Jeffers masterfully uncovers the fears, prejudice, and immaturity which led to Anne and Frederick’s first separation, as we are at last able to look inside the characters’ minds, and understand the misery and turmoil they went through during their first separation and second meeting years later. There is plenty of conversation and telling instead of showing, as the tension builds and their relationship slowly unfolds. All the diverse characters also come to life; Wentworth’s crew and his loving family, are portrayed in stark contrast to Anne’s arrogant and conceited sisters and their families. You needn’t have read Jane Austen’s novel to enjoy reading this wonderfully written historical romance, with a compelling plot, and impeccably drawn characters. A masterpiece.

 CFWP Crop1

What is your novel about, Regina?

Have you ever read a book and thought, “I wonder what happened when the main characters are apart? Did they think of each other? What kept them apart?” That is what the reader discovers in Captain Frederick Wentworths Persuasion. This book takes Jane Austen’s classic “Persuasion” and retells it from Captain Wentworth’s point of view. Wentworth and Anne Elliot were apart for eight years. We know Anne’s tale, but what of the gentleman? How did Wentworth go about forgetting the greatest love of his life? How did his pride get in the way when he encounters Anne again? What happens AFTER the “happily ever after”?

What are you working on now?

It is rare when I am not writing. I carry a notebook with me to doctor’s appointments, book events, etc. Otherwise, the stories claim my restorative sleep, and I am NOT a good person without my sleep. I have 5 stories coming out in 2015. The first is the conclusion to my “Realm” series. “A Touch of Emerald” will bring readers the answer to the missing emerald, as well as showing the Realm members in a new light.

I recently signed a contract with Black Opal Books for my next Regency romance, which will be called “Angel Comes to the Devil’s Keep.” It is a sweet Regency. As soon as I finish reworking the ending of “A Touch of Emerald,” then I plan to start a sequel to “Angel,” which I am tentatively calling “The Earl Finds His Comfort.” I hope that happens soon for the idea for this one is bouncing around in my head and driving me a bit batty.

In addition to the Regency titles, I also write Austenesque novels, which is what Luccia is featuring today. As such, last week, I signed a contract with Pegasus Books for “The Prosecution of Mr. Darcy’s Cousin,” a Pride and Prejudice cozy mystery. This is my fourth such mystery, and they are widely popular in the JAFF community. Luccia will be happy to know that Captain Wentworth makes an appearance at the end of this new novel, and there are plans for a sequel to CFWP.

Finally, I am venturing into the Austen variation model, something I have not attempted before. For those who do not understand the “variation” format, the author changes one event in the original Austen story line, which changes everything. Even so, I still like my Austen characters to act as close to the original as possible and attempt to keep Darcy and Elizabeth “real.”

In “Mr. Darcy’s Fault,” Elizabeth has an accident will walking through Rosings Park after receiving Mr Darcy’s letter. She loses the letter Darcy pressed into her hand, and Mr. Wickham finds it. What will Wickham do with the letter to take more revenge on Darcy?

In “Elizabeth Bennet’s Deception,” Darcy does not approach Elizabeth and the Gardiners at Pemberley when he arrives home early to find them touring his home. Later, when Elizabeth calls a second time asking for Darcy’s assistance in locating Wickham and Lydia, Darcy makes the assumption that Elizabeth’s fondness for Mr. Wickham led Elizabeth into a compromised situation. Can Darcy deliver Elizabeth into Mr. Wickham’s hands or is there another solution?


Question 3. What would you like readers to know about you?

Regina Jeffers is an award-winning author of Jane-Austen inspired novels/mysteries, as well as Regency romances. A master teacher, for thirty-nine years, Regina passionately taught thousands of students English in the public schools of West Virginia, Ohio, and North Carolina. Yet, “teacher” does not define her as a person. Ask any of her students or her family, and they will tell you Regina is passionate about so many things: her son, children in need, truth, responsibility, veterans, history, the value of a good education, words, music, dance, the theatre, pro football, classic movies, the BBC, track and field, books, books, and more books. Regina is an Anglophile who is equally at home with those saying, “Let this be so, and doubt not but success will fashion the event in better shape,” as well as with those who say, “kin’t carry a tune in a bucket” or “Jist because ye find them in the oven, don’t make them biscuits.”

How can we find out more or contact you?

My Website  

Blogs “Every Woman Dreams”  

“Austen Authors” 

“English Historical Fiction Authors”


Twitter @reginajeffers

Pinterest Regina Jeffers  

Goodreads Regina Jeffers  

Also join Regina on Google+, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


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15 thoughts on “Letter J The April A to Z Blogging Challenge #AtoZChallenge

    1. I thank you kindly for the compliment, Charli. I stumbled into this profession, but I feel I have grown as a writer with each new release. I often return to previous releases and rework them now that I know more of the profession.

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    2. I have noticed that many writers are still or have been teachers. It was a teacher who taught me to read and love literature. I’m sure their students were fortunate.


      1. I have some 500 former students as “Friends” on my FB page. I do not seek them out. They simply wish to keep abreast of my writing career. Several still have their “English” notebooks, which they passed down to their own children. LOL!!

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