Stream Of Consciousness Saturday #SoCS: ‘jour’

All Our Todays


This post was written in response to this Friday’s prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday on Linda G. Hill’s Blog: “-jour-“: add a prefix or suffix to complete it or use it as the French word for “day.” Have fun!


Aujourd’hui‘ or ‘What you will’ as long as you do it Today

‘Jour’ is day in French and ‘aujourd’hui’ means today.

I love Today, we should all love Today, because it’s all we have, and yet, it’s enough.

I always tell my students there are only two days in their lives when nothing can be done: yesterday and tomorrow. They are the hopeless days of the year and of your life.

Yesterday is the most hopeless of all, very little can be done yesterday. That doesn’t mean we ignore or forget yesterday, it means we don’t plan to do anything yesterday or lament not having done it, unless we can put it right today.

Remember, yesterday was once today. If you make sure you do the important things Today, you’ll have no regrets about yesterday.

Tomorrow holds the illusion of a possibility, and although I’m all for planning and preparing, if it’s important , do it today, or better still, do it right now, because tomorrow may never come, or we may not do it either.

Stop postponing things you know you aren’t going to do. Learn to say ‘No’. Unclutter your mind of the things you know you won’t be doing, just say ‘No’. It’s liberating. It will give you more time and energy to do the things you really do need to do.

If it’s not worth doing, say ‘No’. if you don’t have time to do it, say ‘No’, you probably won’t have time tomorrow either. Be polite, but firm. Offer excuses and give reasons if it makes you feel better, but say ‘No’ and don’t look back.

On the other hand, if you’re sure it’s worth doing, do it as soon as possible. Don’t let urgent things get in the way of Important things. Your time is limited. If it’s urgent and Important do it at once. If it’s urgent but not Important, make sure it’s done as soon as possible, but not before anything that is Important.

Just in case you’ve forgotten, ‘Important’ is anything related to people, especially friends, family and anyone who needs your help or support, whether you know them personally or not.

Important is also related to things you enjoy and make you feel good, whether it’s praying, or jogging, or writing.

You may not finish doing all the Important things in your life Today, thank goodness! If you did, what would you do on the next Today?

Just make sure all your Todays are full of Important things, and all your yesterdays will bring you good memories.

Of course, I wasn’t the first person to think about Today in this way. All credit for this idea goes to Dalai Lama.

Today Dalai Lama


What’s the most Important thing you’re going to do Today?


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Have a great Saturday!



11 thoughts on “Stream Of Consciousness Saturday #SoCS: ‘jour’

  1. Lovely post, Luccia! There’s nothing that stresses me out more than tomorrow and so I try my best to live in the moment – but it’s hard, isn’t it? Thank you for the reminder and the brilliant advice to just get things done already! I’m such a huge procrastinator sometimes…
    Thanks so much for adding your presence to our SoCS community! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for having such a great idea and carrying it through💖🌹💟 it was great to let my mind run away with the word 🙂
      I find it gets easier to sift the weeds as i get older!


  2. This is lovely, Luccia. I wasn’t familiar with that quote from the Dalai Lama. I often refer to the one that says, “Yesterday is the past, tomorrow is the future, today is a gift, that’s why it is called the present”.

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